America is Being Duped by Biden.

Breast implant : Stock Photo

Biden is the biggest phony since the invention of breast implants. And I don’t think fake breasts fool too many people. If you are gullible enough to fall for the sham Biden and his handlers are pulling, then shame on you. If you realize it’s all an orchestrated sham on America and are turning a blind eye like you did with Hillary, then also shame on you. Either way you should be ashamed of your vote.

No one is excited about voting for Biden but some will anyway just because he has a “D” next to his name. It’s pathetic. He is involved in a real life bait and switch and we are getting duped. Mike Bloomberg is breaking the law by paying off felons’ fines so they’ll be able to vote in the election. That’s called giving something of value in exchange for their vote. It’s illegal. The Democrats will lie, cheat, and steal in order to win an election.

Biden and his handlers are executing the biggest sham on America ever made. He is being fed his answers to simple questions, memorizes lines for his pre-screened questions, and reads from a teleprompter whenever possible. And the media is part of the sham. The guy is nothing more than Breakfast at Bernies being propped up for a later “installation” of his replacement–radical Kamala Harris who didn’t get more than 3% of the votes during the primary. Jill will come to a mic one day to announce that her husband has taken ill and will no longer be able to perform his duties as president.

Even Justice Ginsbergs’ dying request was written by the handlers of Biden. Otherwise it wouldn’t have the word “installed” in it. Presidents are elected, not installed. Freudian slip much, Schumer? This smells to high heaven and Ginsberg wouldn’t even agree with it.  “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” Justice Ginsburg said. First of all, when one is dying they don’t use these words “fervent” “replaced” and “installed.” This is “made up” dialog. Dying words are to your children, but usually their spirit has already left their body and they don’t say anything like is portrayed in the movies. There’s no “Rosebud” moment.

Reality is we are being duped by the left once again. Why are the media and Republicans accepting what they say as being true? Their tract record proves otherwise. Remember their mantra, never let a crisis go to waste. They are trying to use her death to hurt the Republicans, but it will backfire.

Biden can’t even say who’d he nominate for the court. He’s playing fast and coy with us. Biden is the definition of bait and switch. He’s currently pretending to be a moderate, when during the debates he was far left. Do not fall for this current version of Biden. He is fake. He is being handled by the likes of AOC, Nancy, Schumer, Warren, Bernie, Schiff, Beto, and Nadler. Not characters we want running our country. For Biden to say he will bring back dignity and soul to the White House is the height of hypocrisy. He is the opposite of both. His current statement, “I’m not a socialist” will come back to haunt him if he’s ever elected. It’s akin to Nixon saying, “I’m not a crook.”

Why is it the old timer Democrats in congress would want the Supreme Court going so far left on us and legislating from the bench? It’s true they have no respect for the current constitution and want to make changes. But what is it they are really worried about? The justices we have chosen seem to all be levelheaded and not outrageous in their decisions, Obamacare notwithstanding, so what is it? I’d really like to know. I don’t think it is abortion, guns, or gay issues. So what is it they are so afraid conservative judges will rule on? Kavanaugh has been fair with his decisions. Results of a presidential election like in Bush vs Gore? This could be a harbinger that they plan to cheat with the mail in ballots which will end up in the Supreme Court and don’t want a conservative majority ruling on it.

They are now threatening to impeach, if Trump chooses a replacement for Ruth. They also have the media on their side ready to blow up the system altogether–pack the supreme court, abolish the electoral college, and add more states to the union to get more Democrat senators. It’s another sham.

Klobachar thinks Biden will win. What does she know that we don’t? Yesterday she tweeted, “Voters choose the president and the president will nominate a supreme court justice.” This is true but voters have already chosen Trump. So she’s planning on a Biden win. They are all up to no good.


7 thoughts on “America is Being Duped by Biden.

  1. I don’t believe we’re duped. People know what they want, even if they’re propagandized, not thinking for what’s best for this country, but what they want. What clear thinking constitutional people need to do is keep talking, keep writing, keep communicating, and with time, more people of reason will abound. The future is dependent upon what we do today, each and every day.

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  2. A former co-worker moved away for a couple of years. When she returned she hugged me so hard that it hurt (yes, we were unmasked, despite the China Virus).
    I told my boss about it, and she asked if they were silicone or saline. I said, “I think concrete.” (Woman in her 50’s with large, positioned boobs who had 3 kids, and won’t admit she bought them).
    Anyway, I think the Democraps think this election is cemented in their favor. They are wrong!

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  3. If we remember what life was like in the 40’s, 50’s, later, my generation, and fast forward it to these days, there is nothing that can explain the downward transformation except by purposeful effort by anti-American designs. In our institutions. In many companies. In the U.N. And also in everyday experiences.


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