Lies Democrats Tell and Perpetuate…

Pinocchio's Paradox | The Fact Site

In no particular order.

  1. “Hands up, don’t shoot” was never said by Michael Brown.
  2. Trump never said white supremacists were fine people.
  3. Trump never colluded with Russia.
  4. Trump never asked Russia to hack Hillary’s emails.
  5. Ruth Ginsberg’s dying wish is not real. Fake news.
  6. Trump never said Mexicans are rapists.
  7. Trump never said fallen soldiers are suckers and losers.
  8. Trump is not going to remove pre-existing conditions.
  9. Trump will not touch or defund our social security.
  10. George Floyd was not an innocent victim of the police.
  11. Rittenhouse is not a white supremacist, just a kid trying to help.
  12. Rioters doing destruction are not Trump supporters.
  13. Trump is not fanning the flames of violence with his rhetoric.
  14. True death counts from Covid aren’t 200,000 but much lower.
  15. Trump is not responsible for any deaths from covid.
  16. Trump was not incompetent when handling the virus. He’s not God.
  17. Trump is not a dictator.
  18. Covid 19 is a China virus that was unleashed on other countries.
  19. Trump did not steal the last election nor will he this time!
  20. Trump never said the covid pandemic was a hoax.
  21. Russia did not give Wikileaks the Podesta emails.
  22. Kavanaugh is not a rapist or sexual predator.
  23. Trump will accept the results of a fair and honest election.
  24. Absentee ballots are not the same as “mail in” ballots.
  25. “In person” voting is not dangerous.
  26. Westcoast wildfires are not caused by global warming.
  27. Trump’s tax cuts weren’t just for the rich.
  28. Hydroxychloroquine will not kill you. It is a safe and effective therapeutic drug for covid-19.
  29. And the biggest lie they tell is: Trump said to ingest clorox as a cure for covid.

I could go into the explanation of each item but it has been explained ad nauseum. The Democrats just refuse to listen to reason or truth. They twist every comment or issue and use it against Trump. There are many more lies they tell, but these are the ones that bug me the most.

The Democrats are using Nazi practices of repeating a lie often enough so it becomes the truth, like hands up, don’t shoot. Some of their lies are too disgusting to make the list like Trump is a criminal in the White House said my none other than Kamala Harris and Bernie. They all lie but the real crime is that they repeat the lies over and over. And they call Trump a liar.


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