Harris Lectures the Republicans on Judicial Committee About Covid…

Amy Coney Barrett hearing updates: Trump's nominee faces Senators

rather than welcoming Amy Coney Barrett or praising this accomplished woman. Then she makes a campaign speech and, of course, bashes Trump all from a teleprompter in another location. She never congratulated Amy, gave her any recognition of her success (which is better than Harris’s), and basically does not support women. The only woman Harris supports is herself. Remember she lambasted Warren and Gabbard during the Democrat primaries. She only cares about herself and her career.

Harris is a pitiful excuse for a VP candidate. After scolding the whole Judiciary Committee for endangering the lives of everyone in the room she then went into their preplanned diatribe of the day “Amy will take pre-existing condition coverage away from everyone with Obamacare.” She and the other Dems claim Trump only picked Amy to overturn Obamacare. Harris also called today’s hearing an “illegitimate process” that will undo the legacy of Ginsberg. Oooooooh! Ridiculous claim! Amy was chosen to do much more than anything Ginsberg was able to accomplish in her lifetime.

Reality is, we need a conservative ninth member of the SCOTUS in order to hear ALL CASES that come before the SCOTUS. And Amy will not recuse herself on any case just because the left asks her to. We won’t fall for that again. This whole hoopla is just about us gaining the majority in the court and nothing else. Nothing to do with Rose vs Wade or Obamacare or gay rights. Zero. They just don’t want us to gain the upper hand. He who has the upper hand rules the world.

And Klobachar destroyed any redeeming qualities she had left by the rant she went on which had nothing to do with Amy and all to do with Trump. Man, oh man, this woman is angry and emotional. She blamed every covid death on Trump and anything else could she throw in. She too does not support women and gave no praise to Amy. I’ve always said that no one hates women more than liberal women hate conservative women. Look out Amy! They hate them with a passion. It’s unseemly.

All of the Dems at the hearing used props of children that wouldn’t have been covered unless Obamacare was passed. Half the stories I found unbelievable and irrelevant because Trump will replace Obamacare with fair market competition health plans and lowered drug costs. But the only way he can do this is to win the House and keep the Senate in order to pass anything these days as the Dems have irrationally dug in their heels. They won’t even pass a bill to help those suffering from the shutdowns of their cities due to Democrat governors.

I loved the way Kamala blamed the shutdown of California’s businesses and schools on Trump. Look to the governors that are causing the shutdowns, not Trump. And if the only thing Biden will reveal prior to the election is the selection of Gov. Cuomo as Attorney General, we are all doomed. This guy is a vindictive incompetent loser. I don’t even think he’s a lawyer. And he’s definitely not impartial. It would be a political appointment. At least AG Barr did not know Trump and vice versa. Not a wingman like Holder and Kerry were to Obama and still are.

They haven’t begun their line of questioning of Amy which I am sure will be condescending, smug, and outright cruel. They may even dig up some paid activist gay male to say he was mocked and bullied by Amy in high school. Wait for it. These clowns are desperate. Or a more recent male that will claim to have had an affair with her on the floor of the janitor’s closet. Wait for it. They will stop at nothing. At this point, nothing is beneath them.

Locked In the Janitor's Closet

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