Barrett Eats Her Critics’ Lunch…


and dessert. Poor Senator Feinstein thought she could out legal speak Amy Coney Barrett but Barrett shot down every question put to her. She knew of every case brought up to her and had a memory unlike most presidential candidates these days. She was extremely articulate and wouldn’t take the bait that Feinstein fed her.

Feinstein made it clear she wouldn’t vote for her, however, as she needed definitive answers to Roe vs Wade, Gay marriage, and Obamacare. Feinstein wasn’t nasty and did compliment Barrett and her family. She even asked to meet them all which I appreciate as yesterday Kamala Harris treated Amy like an old pair of shoes and wouldn’t even say her name. She was dismissively referred to as ‘Trump’s nomination.” It was a disgrace.

Barrett used the same criteria in answering questions put to her that Justice Ginsberg used but Feinstein wouldn’t allow Barrett the same courtesy. Double standard rears its ugly head again. I applaud Amy for saying that she is her own person not a female Justice Scalia. Three cheers for women’s individuality. I can see why Barrett was FIRST in her law school class. Her brain is like a legal sponge in a good way.

Amy hasn’t made any pre-commitments as to how she would rule on any case to anyone. Senator Leahy tried to get her to recuse herself if the election results went to the supreme court. She womansplained to Leahy that there is a process for recusal and that she couldn’t predetermine whether any case meets her legal recusal at this time. Great answer!

Justice Scalia once famously said, “To be a good and faithful judge, you’ll have to resign yourself to the fact that you’re not always going to like the conclusions you reach. If you like them all the time, (as I’m sure Obama’s picks can attest to) you’re probably doing something wrong.” I agree. Amy went on to say that you can’t choose the results you prefer, you have to go by what policies and statutes the congress has enacted. She is right on.

Lunatic Senator Whitehouse went on a long angry rant without asking Barrett one question. He was grandstanding but being completely hypocritical as whatever he accused Reps of, his party does tenfold like contributing huge dark monies to certain candidates up for reelection. But this is the Democrat mantra “accuse them of what we are doing.” Hollywood is big on contributing to stop the confirmation of Amy Barrett. Why Rosie O’Donnell should have any influence on the next supreme court justice is beyond my comprehension. Same for contributions to candidates running against a sitting senator in a state far removed from where the money came from. Any candidate accepting this kind of money should be ashamed.

Yesterday we heard that California’s government Get Out the Vote group is in the Biden camp and just recruiting Democrat voters. Shocker. Reps need not ‘get out.’ Today we heard what the Citizens United ruling was all about from Ted Cruz. The Obama Administration wanted to ban movies that were negative against a politician, namely Hillary. Another shocker. It went all the way to the supreme court and they ruled 5/4 against banning books and movies based on content critical of a politician.

Keep in mind, Hillary wants to overturn this verdict so does Obama and, therefore, Biden. They will ban books and movies that come out against them. And you know which justices acted like lapdogs and voted to ban books and movies? Ginsberg and the other two gals appointed by Obama. These three women were nothing more than ‘yes’ women. This is the number one reason we need a conservative majority in the supreme court. These justices, despite the praise given to Ginsberg recently, were radical and legislating from the bench. They don’t deserve all this praise they get, IMO.

We got another lecture from Klobuchar calling this hearing a sham. She never complimented Amy. Then she went on to compare the present confirmation situation to President Lincoln, apples and oranges. Then she quickly reverted to Trump-bashing regarding his tweets. She beat a dead horse regarding Obamacare which Amy already explained to her. She said Amy would be the polar opposite to Ruth Ginsberg. That’s a compliment. Klobuchar wants to know what virtuous citizens means. This means honest, law abiding citizens not convicts. Klobuchar obviously wants every living person to be allowed to vote even if they are convicted of being a serial killer, terrorist, child molester, or entered our country illegally; otherwise it is voter suppression.

Senator Booker asks Amy if the president has the power to pardon himself! Whoa! Booker is implying that Trump has broken laws and that he will go to prison! Whoa again! Again they are projecting what the Dems are guilty of, breaking many laws. They are getting real desperate. The only fear in America right now is the fear of the Dems in power.

Harris’s video speech was unremarkable as she barely asked any questions of Amy. She just plagiarized everything already said today by her colleagues. She was dismissive of Amy when she told her, “I am speaking.” That seems to be her “go to.” Amy never interrupted anyone today and for Harris to chime in with that comment was rude and uncalled for. She doesn’t support conservative women, only liberal ones.

Bottom line: Amy Coney Barrett kept her composure today and not only ate her critics’ lunch but their dinner and dessert too.

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2 thoughts on “Barrett Eats Her Critics’ Lunch…

  1. I keep asking myself, “At what point will “liberal” America wake up and see the Democrat “liberals” are not but lying, self-serving, opportunists bent on destroying this country?” SURELY there are liberal Americans with brains?

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  2. That Barrett won’t ever fill RBG’s shoes is just an additional reason we MUST continue President Trump’s leadership.


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