FBI Has Been Running Interference for Biden Since December…

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Even during Trump’s impeachment. It is outrageous. The salacious Hunter laptop (with his company label on it) has been in the property of the FBI and has been hushed up for a year. The FBI is now telling the media that they’ve been trying to authenticate it to make sure that Russia didn’t hack it and insert all the incriminating emails and pictures. Are you kidding me????!!!!! Bring Hunter into the FBI and hook him to a polygraph machine or interview him under oath. There are many ways to get him to break down and admit guilt. But they don’t because they are running interference for Joe Biden.

Thousands of personal pictures of Hunter doing God knows what to his body and someone else inserted them? Tens of thousands of emails coordinating payments to “The Big Guy” from Hunter and someone else inserted them? The FBI is either really stupid, naïve, or corrupt, and I venture to say they are corrupt. They are running interference for Joe Biden.

History is repeating itself only this time THEY HAVE THE EMAILS AND THE LAPTOP because Hunter was too stupid to delete them and bleach bit the hard drive but are suppressing the facts from the America public. It’s enough to make us pull our hair out in frustration! President Trump, you need to clean house in the FBI already. They are doing it to you AGAIN! Wake up! Get in there with AG Barr and start firing their asses or arresting them. Just the notion that they are trying to tie scumbag Hunter’s laptop into a Russia hack is incomprehensible! It can’t be believed a second time.

It was Hunter all along that was involved with Ukraine, not Trump. It was Hillary all along involved with Russia, not Trump. And it will turn out that it is Joe Biden involved with China and possibly the recent unleashing of a pandemic on the U.S., as Joe owes China. China may have been blackmailing Biden in exchange for helping with the pandemic. Notice how Biden was quick to condemn Trump’s travel bans? This could be why. May have even helped them coordinate it. I put nothing past these criminals in the government. Look what Governor Cuomo did and Biden wants him as Attorney General? Of course, he’s Italian and Joe’s running a Mafia.

Joe Biden was getting kickbacks in the amount of HALF of whatever Hunter received. What this means to anyone with a brain is that Hunter wouldn’t have been paid a cent without his father’s hookup. So old Joe wants his share. Joe is like the Mafia Godfather, forget the fact that he claims to be Irish. He has his family working for him and is scraping in millions of dollars on the side. Just like Hillary did with her foundation that her daughter was running. Family crime syndicates.

Joe’s emails need to be subpoenaed just like Hillary’s were before he destroys his computer. His bank account statements need to be subpoenaed. Let’s get on this before the election before anyone else votes for this criminal.

And those so-called snobby expert witnesses that were working in Ukraine need to be investigated as they lied under oath during the impeachment hearing. They were just part of running interference for Biden and his son. See how whatever they are doing they try to project onto Trump? I feel so bad that Trump has had to go through all this and not one former president has come to his aid. Where is George W. Bush? Bush needs to go to a mic and express his outrage for what the FBI is trying to pull on the American people, yet again. But he doesn’t. He puts family and popularity over country (just like John Roberts) everyday. Shame on Bush. He’s probably voting for Biden like he voted for Hillary.

At least we can count on Ted Cruz, Huckabee, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio. The rest of the candidates who ran against Trump are all still licking their wounds and filled with resentment like Kasich, Carly, JEB. Disgruntled ex candidates for president. Someone needs to write a book about them all. In the meantime, let’s not let the FBI run interference for the crime syndicate family any longer.


3 thoughts on “FBI Has Been Running Interference for Biden Since December…

  1. The reason I added under oath was because when the FBI interviewed Hillary she was not under oath nor did they video or tape it. Just random notes. It was them “going through the motions” of investigating Hillary, but really just running cover for her.


  2. The FBI is still up to it’s old tricks. Has it been so politicized that it is now paralyzed to act on anything that has a hint of corruption by the Democrats? I have been saying for a year that Chris Wray needs to get the axe. He is left over garbage. Are we ever going to be able to trust the bozos again? Keep shining the light on the cockroaches. Maybe someone will show up with a can of Raid.

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