When Biden’s Dad said, “Joey, a Job is More Than a Paycheck”…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Joey gave new meaning to that phrase. Boy, oh boy, did he ever. He turned his dad’s (so-called) advice into “a job in government is a way to peddle influence from other countries in exchange for money. You’ll receive much more than a paycheck but don’t claim it on your taxes or you’ll be busted.” Way to spin your dad’s advice Joey. So Crooked Joey did this for years with the help of his family. For all we know his son Beau was involved too. He did get a pretty nice job in government himself. Hunter was the “bagman” as they say in drug cartels.

Now Crooked Joe said yesterday when asked about laptopgate, “I have no response as this is just another smear campaign which is right up your alley” very reminiscent of Hillary’s, “this is just another right wing conspiracy” quote when her husband got caught with his pants down in the Oval Office. But it sure did bring back memories of the good ol’ days. Biden and Hillary–two peas in a pod.

Thinking of the good ol’ days: days when we had real journalists working for news networks, days before crazy Facebook and Twitter which I feel have been the ruin of our country and the chickens are coming home to roost right now before our eyes, days before the smart phone occupying one’s daily lives, days before scheduled power outages, days before censoring of books, movies, and toys, days when we were proud to be born white or black, days before white guilt and shame, days before the sheltering and participation trophisation of our youth, days before national shutdowns of our economy due to a virus, days before we walked around like zombies wearing masks mandated by our governors, days when we could plan large weddings and events, days when criminals were the bad guys and the FBI were the good guys, days when we respected police, days when we respected statues, monuments, the American Flag and Anthem, days when we got caught in commute traffic, days before kids learning on zoom, days before mass mail-in ballots, and days when our government wasn’t involved in a widespread conspiracy to take down a sitting president, just to name a few. And it wasn’t that long ago, maybe ten years. Wish the good ol’ days would return.

But since we can’t turn back the clock, we have to fix what we have broken. We have given the Democrats too much slack, and they’ve taken a mile. They are literally out of control or as Trump says, stone cold crazy. Crooked Joe is pulling the wool over half of America’s eyes, and they are either apathetic or not aware. Willfully ignorant I call it. We all have people like this in our family and circle of friends. They hate Trump and would probably vote for a monkey if he was running against Trump.

All we can do it point out how stupid they’re behaving and maybe, just maybe, they’ll grow a conscience and realize voting for a corrupt politician is just wrong. But I won’t hold my breath. Folks voted for Hillary knowing that she was guilty of obstruction of justice by deleting 33,000 emails after they were subpoenaed, crushing her cellphones, and bleach bitting her hard drive all in an attempt to hide her and Obama’s Benghazi coverup. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” i.e. one lie leads to another and it snowballs to where we are today–an avalanche of lies and more coverups.

What always amazes me is people still proudly admit they voted for Hillary and even Obama like they said at the townhalls this week. It blows my mind after all the Russia collusion hoax, sham Mueller report, and Ukraine phone call setup that these people would admit to voting for her. She was behind all of this!

Wake up America and smell the corruption! You’re about to repeat history if you vote for Biden. And not in a good way. We’ll be reliving a corrupt Obama Administration on steroids. “Joey, a job is more than a paycheck, it’s a chance to ruin the country.” Don’t let Crooked Joe get this job!




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