Can we Just Change Biden’s Nickname to “Crooked Joe” Already…

30 Pictures That Define Joe Biden's Nearly 50 Years In Politics

And stop beating around the bush that he’s Sleepy? He knows exactly what he has been doing for years–setting himself up in positions in the government so he could SELL ACCESS to his position to the highest bidder. Then he uses his family to be the liaison between other countries and himself so he doesn’t have his fingerprints on the money exchanged. When his shady son, brother, and now son-in-law rake in millions they throw him a kickback in the form of who knows what? We need to put crooked Joe out of business so his family can earn an honest living for a change.

When we give a child money over $9,000 in one year, we have to file a report with the IRS as they keep tract of gifts. Maybe Joe is getting paid in small increments of $9,000 in order to avoid the government knowing he is getting kickbacks. Or does the government even keep tract of child to parent money or brother to brother money? Crooked Joe could be running quite the scam on the government by using his title to rake in millions. Obama knew about it. The FBI should pull his bank account statements, forget his tax returns. He doesn’t claim this money. If he has all kinds of $9,000 deposits or if he has bank accounts in the Cayman Islands in a numbered account, something’s up. I’m sure if the tables were turned, they’d be all over Trump’s bank statements. Trump donates his presidential salary to different departments in the government which is $400,000 a year and a form of paying taxes IMO. But he gets no credit for it.

So Facebook and Twitter executives have joined the Biden Campaign. Shocker. No wonder they are burying this Biden story. The Democrats are so incestual with network anchors married to government employees and vice versa. Even in the Obama Administration some of his employees were married to news executives. They are all intertwined.

Now that Hunter’s laptop was abandoned and became the property of the repair shop owner, Hunter’s lawyer is asking for the hard drive back. Hunter has no legal right to it. And why did the FBI ask the repair shop owner to remain silent about this laptop? Another coverup? I’m getting tired of this. Hunter is a sleaze ball with a sex and drug addiction. When he brought the laptop in for repair he was on drugs they said. He needs to be in a rehab center for drug addicts like his father is always ballyhooing about. He needs an intervention. Joe can’t even heal his son and he wants to heal the country? He wants to be in charge of our healthcare and can’t get his own family healthy? I…don’t…think…so. Hard pass.

Bottom line: Someone needs to do an investigation of the Bidens. Where’s A.G. Barr? Biden is as crooked as Hillary, and they are two peas in a pod. Biden and his dignity speeches are starting to get on my nerves. It is too hypocritical for my ears to listen to. Let’s put Biden out of business once and for all. Biden lied and Obama spied.

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3 thoughts on “Can we Just Change Biden’s Nickname to “Crooked Joe” Already…

  1. Two things working against what you propose. First, Democrats of Biden’s ilk have no conscience, they are amoral, rather taking delight in putting it to the American public. Second, is that the American public has been listening to these lies so long, reinforced by Joe’s Democratic cronies, they believe them, and are of such low intelligence, accustomed to not thinking for themselves, getting them to wake up and mount a lynch party ain’t gonna happen. Besides, look at all the free stuff Joe’s gonna give these entitled turkeys. (You know, like Bernie says, spend, spend, spend, no need to worry about paying for all these goodies. Like Witless up north, who when refused a gas tax hike to fix the roads up there, said she’d simply bororw the funds; by Bernenomics, that’s for free, right?) Now I have to go take a pill. Get my BP back down.

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  2. I guess my point is, is that he’s not acting that sleepy any longer. He got a shot of something and is talking up a storm. He’s as crooked and deceptive as Hillary making it almost a repeat of four years ago so “Crooked Joe” it is. I don’t think a nickname change will change any votes though. Those Dems like my sister and friends are dug in.

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  3. The Dems mostly aren’t voting for Biden, or Heels-Up for that matter; they’re voting against President Trump. And life as we know it. They’re just too ignorant to look up facts. The alphabet networks on TV have already fact-checked!


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