Dueling Townhalls Were a Fait Accompli.

Wasn’t looking forward to either as the moderators are known for being dumb and dumber, and they didn’t fail to meet my expectations. Savannah wins the award for being the dumber of the two. She must only watch her news network as she’s heard no stories of discarded mail-in ballots, didn’t watch the last debate denouncing white supremacy, wanted to debate Trump about science of masks, asks about QAnon and a peaceful transfer of power, questions Trump’s tax returns, implied he ignored national security adviser on covid and will get rid of preexisting conditions. She reminded me of an annoying gnat that keeps coming back at you. Her hair looked greasy and her outfit was terrible. Meow! Keep in mind Savannah’s husband used to work for Al Gore. Case closed. Savannah was trying to make a name for herself. She did: Airhead. Scatterbrain.

Softball thrower Stephanopoulos (who used to work for the Clintons) never interrupted Biden’s longwinded word salads about his childhood once. Biden actually brought up that he was a lifeguard at a Black community pool reminding us of the blond standing leg hairs. Biden appeared to be on speed at the beginning of the townhall as he wouldn’t stop talking. He needs to have a drug test prior to coming on stage next time. He also changes the subject like a sociopath when he doesn’t like the question. He got a question from a Republican that was proud of the peace deals Trump has made in the Middle East. Biden answered that he wasn’t that impressed with Trump’s status in the world. He is not respected and so forth. He rambled on trying to take credit away from Trump. Stephanopoulos rudely cutaway to the next question leaving the Republican standing there confused. After every question the station cutaway to a commercial making the townhall much shorter than it should have been. I guess Biden needed a bathroom break.

Biden said last night that if he loses the election he will go back to teaching college. What? Was he a college professor too like Obama? Or has he confused himself with Obama or his wife? I thought he had been in politics for 47 years. When the heck did he hold a teaching job? I’m confused and Stephanopoulos didn’t question his response. I think his answer was a gratuitous attempt to make him look smart in front of the viewers.

Neither townhall was impressive as they didn’t ask the burning question of the day about the bombshell of Joe’s involvement in Ukraine and China. Hunter’s abandoned laptop emails have been turned over to the New York Post confirming Joe’s knowledge and money received not to mention that his son still has a drug problem and didn’t kick it like Biden assured us during the first debate. Biden has claimed that he knew nothing of his son’s job in Ukraine. Biggest story of the day ignored by both moderators. Both moderators get an F grade.

What a waste of time. Trump knows going in that the fix is in; it’s a fait accompli. The media from Scully to Savannah to Stephanopoulos to Wallace to the debate commission are all against Trump. None of these debates will ever be fair. Despite all this, Trump appeared calm and quite affable during the townhall.

Trump has been treated the worst by the media in all my years of presidents back to Eisenhower. Worse than Nixon. And for what? Just because he denied Hillary her chance to be the first woman president? This is what it all boils down to. And Trump won fair and square without Russia interference and the Democrats and FBI have been punishing him ever since.

BYW I think Trump hinted that Chris Wray’s time in the FBI is about up. Wray has definitely been undermining Trump lately and it shows up in the debates. Trump has to win as it will be karma for the lot of them.


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