If Biden Were President in the 50’s, I’d Be a Male Today.

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Joe condones parents changing their child’s gender at eight years old! He believes in transgender children and transgender studies at a young age! If my parents thought like Joe, I’d be a male right now. I was playing war in the dirt with toy soldiers with my two older brothers and football in the street around eight years old. I spent most of my childhood in the ER.

But seriously, my first Halloween costume was a cowboy outfit with guns in a holster and cowboy boots. It was what I asked for. Not to be a fairy or Snowwhite or Tinkerbell. I wanted to be Calamity Jane. I was a Tomboy until I reached around eighth grade. So happy my parents didn’t cut my hair and turn me into a boy. Thank the Lord for their common sense.

But seriously, today’s moms who think their daughter may be trapped in a girl’s body or sons that they think are trapped in a boy’s body are crazy. Stupid. Let children be children. They don’t think about sex or their gender until they are much older. Sure I wore a dress to school as it was policy in those days. Maybe they should have kept that rule so parents wouldn’t get confused about their kid’s gender. I’d get home and put on my petal pushers to play outside with my likeminded girlfriends building forts in bushes, catching polliwogs in creeks, and making the original skateboard out of metal roller skate wheels and an abandoned orange crate. Dolls and tea parties were not my thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. Let kids be kids.

I had a Tiny Tears doll and Jacks and Pick up Sticks but most of my fond memories are from outdoor play. Kids these days are on their computers too much but that’s a whole other subject for another time. Ironically, when I grew up I changed careers from stenographer to outdoor construction crew. It was not a big stretch for me but I did break glass ceilings or in my case broke ground in the civil engineering field as their first token woman. Not transgender just a woman who is still a Tomboy.

If Biden were president today, he’d have schools teaching transgender studies and teachers encouraging children to escape from their bodies that they were born in. So parents, don’t give Biden a chance to indoctrinate our children, and let your child be the gender he or she was born with. It’s okay to be a Tomboy girl or a slightly effeminate boy. It helps them in their later careers. Don’t change their gender, please. And don’t encourage them to cross dress. It’s child abuse.

It may have been overlooked in the townhall that Biden had but a mother who had an eight year old son or daughter (wasn’t sure which she was referring to) that this clueless lady said was “transgender” and wanted to know what Biden would do for transgender children. Biden had a chance to set this lady straight but he failed. It was so disappointing to me. He should have said, “Leave your child alone. He or she is too young to be thinking about such things. Let kids be kids.” But he didn’t. He bought into her way of thinking hook, line, and sinker which means he is easily influenced by anyone that comes to him with a hairbrained idea. This is dangerous thinking as a president and showed how radical he really is. I thought this comment alone would have sunk his chances like a sail ship in a storm. But I be wrong.

It seems that no matter what racist or radical comment this guy makes or what corruption he has been involved in up to his eyeballs, the Democrats are going to still stand by their man. It’s uncanny. Now the media is running cover for the FBI saying that Hunter’s laptop could have been tampered with disinformation by the Russians. Again with the Russians! How stupid do they think we are? And what is Russia thinking that they get blamed for every sham the Democrats pull? Are the FBI and the Democrats inciting war with Russia? I sure hope not. But if I were Russian, I’d be getting a little peeved by now.

Vote for Trump. He won’t let teachers try to change your child’s gender. He’ll let your kids grow up in the bodies they were born in. And he won’t blame Russia for everything.

Can we Just Change Biden’s Nickname to “Crooked Joe” Already…

30 Pictures That Define Joe Biden's Nearly 50 Years In Politics

And stop beating around the bush that he’s Sleepy? He knows exactly what he has been doing for years–setting himself up in positions in the government so he could SELL ACCESS to his position to the highest bidder. Then he uses his family to be the liaison between other countries and himself so he doesn’t have his fingerprints on the money exchanged. When his shady son, brother, and now son-in-law rake in millions they throw him a kickback in the form of who knows what? We need to put crooked Joe out of business so his family can earn an honest living for a change.

When we give a child money over $9,000 in one year, we have to file a report with the IRS as they keep tract of gifts. Maybe Joe is getting paid in small increments of $9,000 in order to avoid the government knowing he is getting kickbacks. Or does the government even keep tract of child to parent money or brother to brother money? Crooked Joe could be running quite the scam on the government by using his title to rake in millions. Obama knew about it. The FBI should pull his bank account statements, forget his tax returns. He doesn’t claim this money. If he has all kinds of $9,000 deposits or if he has bank accounts in the Cayman Islands in a numbered account, something’s up. I’m sure if the tables were turned, they’d be all over Trump’s bank statements. Trump donates his presidential salary to different departments in the government which is $400,000 a year and a form of paying taxes IMO. But he gets no credit for it.

So Facebook and Twitter executives have joined the Biden Campaign. Shocker. No wonder they are burying this Biden story. The Democrats are so incestual with network anchors married to government employees and vice versa. Even in the Obama Administration some of his employees were married to news executives. They are all intertwined.

Now that Hunter’s laptop was abandoned and became the property of the repair shop owner, Hunter’s lawyer is asking for the hard drive back. Hunter has no legal right to it. And why did the FBI ask the repair shop owner to remain silent about this laptop? Another coverup? I’m getting tired of this. Hunter is a sleaze ball with a sex and drug addiction. When he brought the laptop in for repair he was on drugs they said. He needs to be in a rehab center for drug addicts like his father is always ballyhooing about. He needs an intervention. Joe can’t even heal his son and he wants to heal the country? He wants to be in charge of our healthcare and can’t get his own family healthy? I…don’t…think…so. Hard pass.

Bottom line: Someone needs to do an investigation of the Bidens. Where’s A.G. Barr? Biden is as crooked as Hillary, and they are two peas in a pod. Biden and his dignity speeches are starting to get on my nerves. It is too hypocritical for my ears to listen to. Let’s put Biden out of business once and for all. Biden lied and Obama spied.

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Dueling Townhalls Were a Fait Accompli.

Wasn’t looking forward to either as the moderators are known for being dumb and dumber, and they didn’t fail to meet my expectations. Savannah wins the award for being the dumber of the two. She must only watch her news network as she’s heard no stories of discarded mail-in ballots, didn’t watch the last debate denouncing white supremacy, wanted to debate Trump about science of masks, asks about QAnon and a peaceful transfer of power, questions Trump’s tax returns, implied he ignored national security adviser on covid and will get rid of preexisting conditions. She reminded me of an annoying gnat that keeps coming back at you. Her hair looked greasy and her outfit was terrible. Meow! Keep in mind Savannah’s husband used to work for Al Gore. Case closed. Savannah was trying to make a name for herself. She did: Airhead. Scatterbrain.

Softball thrower Stephanopoulos (who used to work for the Clintons) never interrupted Biden’s longwinded word salads about his childhood once. Biden actually brought up that he was a lifeguard at a Black community pool reminding us of the blond standing leg hairs. Biden appeared to be on speed at the beginning of the townhall as he wouldn’t stop talking. He needs to have a drug test prior to coming on stage next time. He also changes the subject like a sociopath when he doesn’t like the question. He got a question from a Republican that was proud of the peace deals Trump has made in the Middle East. Biden answered that he wasn’t that impressed with Trump’s status in the world. He is not respected and so forth. He rambled on trying to take credit away from Trump. Stephanopoulos rudely cutaway to the next question leaving the Republican standing there confused. After every question the station cutaway to a commercial making the townhall much shorter than it should have been. I guess Biden needed a bathroom break.

Biden said last night that if he loses the election he will go back to teaching college. What? Was he a college professor too like Obama? Or has he confused himself with Obama or his wife? I thought he had been in politics for 47 years. When the heck did he hold a teaching job? I’m confused and Stephanopoulos didn’t question his response. I think his answer was a gratuitous attempt to make him look smart in front of the viewers.

Neither townhall was impressive as they didn’t ask the burning question of the day about the bombshell of Joe’s involvement in Ukraine and China. Hunter’s abandoned laptop emails have been turned over to the New York Post confirming Joe’s knowledge and money received not to mention that his son still has a drug problem and didn’t kick it like Biden assured us during the first debate. Biden has claimed that he knew nothing of his son’s job in Ukraine. Biggest story of the day ignored by both moderators. Both moderators get an F grade.

What a waste of time. Trump knows going in that the fix is in; it’s a fait accompli. The media from Scully to Savannah to Stephanopoulos to Wallace to the debate commission are all against Trump. None of these debates will ever be fair. Despite all this, Trump appeared calm and quite affable during the townhall.

Trump has been treated the worst by the media in all my years of presidents back to Eisenhower. Worse than Nixon. And for what? Just because he denied Hillary her chance to be the first woman president? This is what it all boils down to. And Trump won fair and square without Russia interference and the Democrats and FBI have been punishing him ever since.

BYW I think Trump hinted that Chris Wray’s time in the FBI is about up. Wray has definitely been undermining Trump lately and it shows up in the debates. Trump has to win as it will be karma for the lot of them.