Attended a Small California Wedding…


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with just family and a few friends. It was decided ahead of time to not talk politics and most agreed. But after many hours of drinking champagne and wine all rules went out the window. And so did the social distancing. There was hugging, kissing, embracing, laugher, and yes, the election came up. Me, trying to be a fly on the wall to get a feel for how these young folks were thinking, left with the following quotes:

“We have to stop all the bigotry and racism in our country.”

“My mother was a teacher and my father was a banker so, of course, they will want to vote for Biden.”

“We’re afraid if Trump wins, riots and violence will break out across America.”

“Emails on a laptop will not change anyone’s opinion of the election nor one vote.”

“We agree with Newsom, there needs to be reparations.”

Not one mention of the economy, Middle East peace agreements, the Russia collusion hoax, supreme court justices, tax cuts, healthcare, or even covid. These items are not on Californian’s minds, just racism. So Trump gets no credit for all the good he has done as it has been overshadowed by the George Floyd incident which escalated into others and riots that haven’t stopped. The shutdowns of businesses and places of entertainment and food seems to just have been accepted by them.

One attendee did believe that the California wildfires are caused by poor forest management not global warming so there is a little hope.

No one argued nor did it get heated as, after all, it was a joyous occasion. One attendee said, “This is the best time I’ve had all year” as they have been pretty much in lockdown with no friends.

But I left with the feeling that these kids have their heads in the sand and will vote Biden out of fear of more violence and to end racism. So Black Lives Matter has had an affect on people but not to help the blacks just to be fearful of backlash. It is sad that we have allowed a group of paid activists and Marxists to instill fear in our youth enough to extort them to vote against Trump. They aren’t voting for someone, just against someone. I thought being a bully was something the left reviled as they always called Trump a bully. But they are kowtowing to these bullies. Their lack of self awareness is astounding.

We all have to vote, rain or shine, for Trump. Stand in line, wear your mask, and vote. It’s all we really can do to keep our country from turning socialist or communist. The people have been brainwashed evidenced by their mask wearing and falling for BLM into being compliant robots. We need to nip this behavior in the bud ASAP to get back to normal. Once I vote, I’ll need to quarantine for ten days just in case the wedding had a contagious attendee.



One thought on “Attended a Small California Wedding…

  1. I am patiently waiting for the “big one.” The quake that slips California rudely into the depths of the Pacific. No more California, no more Newsome, and gleefully, no more Perilosi! No more a lot of things. Might even put the fires out. Still think we should send a bill to California for “reparations” for the damage THEIR fires have done to MY air. No address? Stick it on a pole at the Nevada border.

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