A Vote for Biden is a Vote Against Your Parents and Children.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The millennials, GenX, and GenZ who vote for Biden because they fear backlash from rioters, BLM, Antifa, and disgruntled Democrats are voting against your parents and your children’s future. If Biden becomes president, your parents retirement money that they live on will go up in smoke. They will not be able to contribute to your child’s future. They will barely be able to live themselves if their 401K goes down the tubes.

Your taxes will go sky high leaving you less money to spend on your children’s food, clothing, schooling, and other cost of living expenses. You may even lose your job as companies will have to cut back when the minimum wage goes to $15 an hour and corporate taxes shoot up. Employers have to make a living too; and if there is no room for profit, cutbacks will ensue. No one ever got a job from a poor man. It happened when Obama became president and will be worse this time as Biden is being controlled by AOC, Kamala, and others with some sort of axe to grind about their past. Boy, oh boy, is that Kamala off putting or what? She will be the stand in when Biden bows out. Ugh! Biden called Trump “George W….” then went onto to finish his word salad. He’s a confused man.

Biden doesn’t realize that hospitals get more money when a covid patient comes into the hospital. It is actually a known fact that they are ripping off Medicare when the real reason they came into the ER was for a sprained ankle. Not everyone testing positive for covid is ill. It may not even affect them at all, but they happened to get tested and it goes on the books as a new case. So now Biden is saying that Trump is crazy to say doctors get paid more when a patient has covid. It’s sad but true. All patients are not treated equally. They get charged more if they happen to test positive for covid. There should be an investigation into hospital fleecing of Medicare.

It’s the economy stupid, not covid, not Black Lives Matter, not rioters, not climate change, not racism. The media is protecting Biden by censoring the bad news of his involvement in getting kickbacks from other countries while he was VP using his son as the liaison i.e. bagman. We have the indisputable evidence and that’s what scares the social and mainstream media. All they can do is cry foul that Russia is involved. It worked before during the 2018 elections, why not try it again? Don’t fall for this sick game again. Be smart for once in your life. We will not hear this story as social media and mainstream have literally shut it down. The millennials have their heads in the sand and are not curious at all. It is disturbing. The only network covering it is FOX News. Watch it and learn.

The Democrats are running on threats. They have threatened to retaliate for the Senate voting for Amy Coney Barrett. This is all they have left is threats. If Trump wins, they burn down cities; if Amy goes through, they will destroy the power and significance of the Supreme Court. Do you want to be a party to the party that thinks and acts like spoiled children? If you give into them, you only encourage more bad behavior. It’s psychology 101. Be smart. Don’t give into them.

Support for your parents and your children by not voting for Biden. It’s your turn to support them; after all, they raised you. Vote for Trump, as you know what you’ll get: prosperity, traditional values, respect for America, world peace not wars, respect for police, law and order, low taxes, open schools and businesses, booming stock market, gasoline vehicles, open market health insurance not socialized medicine, made in America, back to normal, and happy parents.



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