Forget Putin. All Roads Lead to Biden.


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Nancy used to say, “All roads lead to Putin” when referring to Trump. Well, now that we know that’s not true “all roads seem to be leading to Biden!” Biden has his hands in everything nefarious. It all comes back to him. Biden is like a Mafia Godfather. He’s been raking in kickbacks from his family for decades especially when he became VP. For those of you who believe the mainstream lies that the laptop from hell came from sorry for you. The only one connected to Russia aside from Adam Schiff and Hillary is the Biden Family who got $3.5 million in exchange for what?

The FBI and DOJ have determined that the laptop from hell is legitimately Hunter’s and not tampered with. No ifs, ands, or buts. It has 10,000 selfies or nude photos of Hunter himself, and I doubt even Russia would be able to pull that off. Not to mention all the incriminating emails mentioning “the big guy’s” involvement in Ukraine, China, Russia, and other countries. It isn’t photoshopped.

All roads lead to Biden and have for a while. He’s like a stealth bomber that no one sees as he appears to be the crazy uncle in the attic, but he has fooled us all. “Oh, that’s just ol’ Joe. Don’t mind him.” He’s had his sticky hands in everything. He’s like the bandit from Home Alone. Whenever he calls Trump a conman or asks what is he hiding, he is projecting his guilt onto Trump. Whenever he lies about Trump not paying enough taxes, he’s projecting his guilt onto Trump. When he says Trump is doing business in China, he’s projecting his guilt onto Trump. When Biden says Trump calls fallen soldiers suckers and losers, it is another lie perpetuated by a magazine owned by a former Obama staffer which leads to Biden. So you see, Biden is using the Nazi form of brainwashing: if you say it often enough, people will think it’s true. So he repeats the same lies everyday in concert with the media and now Obama and the gullibles will eventually believe it and have.

So what roads specifically lead to Biden? Lieutenant Vindman and the whistleblower had connections to Biden; after all, Joe worked in the White House for eight years. Biden was the guy who mentioned the Logan Act in the infamous meeting prior to leaving the Obama Administration so there’s another road which was the impetus to set up Gen. Flynn. Biden’s campaign was posting bail for BLM thugs so they could get out and continue their Crossfire Chaos. Biased moderator for CSPAN Sully, chosen by the Debate Commission, used to work for Biden so there’s another road. Biden was the guy who said the national guard were the enemy of the people when they came into town to stop the riots. He spread the lie incessantly that Trump said white supremacists were fine people. And more recently he is spreading the lie that Trump told the folks to inject clorox to cure covid. One road after another leads to Lyin’ Biden.

Biden just said in a speech, “I will protect your health like you were my own family.” How good of a job has he done protecting his own family? One son has unfortunately died, another is a crack and sex addict, and a daughter with an alleged cocaine and sex addiction. Thank you very much but I’d rather not have this guy protecting me as he can’t even help his own children.

All roads lead to Biden as long as the roads don’t lead him to the White House!

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