“Cheaters Never Win” Even if the Media Says They Did.


Photo by Elle Hughes on Pexels.com

Hold off on popping the champagne bottles. The media, not even FOX News, does not choose our president. Lawful votes do. Not illegal votes, just lawful votes. After all the dust settles and the auditors come in, we will soon find out the lengths to which the left has gone to steal this election. After all, they’ve gone to great lengths to hide the counting of these mail-in ballots, which is circumstantial evidence of something fishy going on. After this is accomplished and ends up at the Supreme Court, batten down the hatches as these crazies will not fail to repeat their mob behavior.

At what price does one want to win an election? At the price of selling your soul to the devil? I would hope not. But it seems the devil has bought millions of American souls especially the media’s, big techs, election workers, and of course the Democrats that voted unlawfully for Crooked Joe. We all have a Democrat family member or friend that is gloating right now, maybe even dancing. Not so fast. How can they feel good about an election that had faulty voting machines, backdated postmarks, was stopped in the dead of night when Trump was clearly ahead, and continued the next day in favor of Biden. Something was up and everyone knows it.

The mob is out in the streets carrying the American flag rather than burning it. Ahh, isn’t that nice. Too bad they couldn’t have acted like this when Trump won for real without cheating. All this says to me is we are living in a very corrupt country which will soon be more corrupted if we can’t get the courts to right the ship. To think that I live among people that condone stealing, forgery, counterfeiting, falsifying, kickbacks, bribery, and blackmail sickens me and some of them are in my family. The mob’s behavior is short-lived as they will soon storm the White House trying to get Trump out before his time, and encouraged by those in the MSM.

I guess when Hillary got away with destroying subpoenaed evidence without any repercussions (other than losing her election), it set the table for more fraud. Voter fraud will not go unpunished. I guess when the FBI embarked on a coup to spy and frame the president without any repercussions, it set the table for more fraud. Voter fraud will not go unpunished. I guess when the House embarked on a fools errand to impeach our president over a perfectly good phone call without any repercussions, it set the table for more fraud. Voter fraud will not go unpunished. Our powers at be have set a bad example for the rest of us.

It’s now up to the courts, recounts, inspectors, auditors, lots of lawyers, judges, and God. Truth prevails over evil. Cheaters never win. They may feel like they are winning today but look what eventually happens to those like Michael Jackson, O,J., Jeff Epstein, Matt Lauer, Weinstein, and countless others that felt they won or got away with it. In my life experience, cheaters always get caught; and it’s usually at their own hand as karma is a bitch. Where’s Hunter?

The media does not choose our president, the courts will.


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