Why is it Whenever There’s Software Glitches…

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suddenly found ballots, nonresident ballots, dead people ballots, sharpy pen ballots, shortage of ballots, ink shortage, missing signatures and postmarks, it results in tilting counts in Biden’s favor? It’s a rhetorical question.

Thirty cities in Michigan had computers with software glitches (tampering) that just so happened to eliminate 6,000 votes for Trump on average per city. That comes to about 180,000 votes intended for Trump that flipped to Biden. If we do the math, Trump won Michigan. These weren’t glitches. This was purposeful intent to commit voter fraud by tampering with the software. Now we find that these same voting computers with suspicious software could purposely have been placed in 30 other states! Gee, I wonder which states those could be? Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, and Wisconson is my guess.

My point is, the Democrats pulled out all the stops in order to steal this election. Even to the point of not allowing in poll watchers from our party. That’s looks suspicious. They never intended to have an honest election with lawful ballots. The Republicans are too trusting, to a fault. We trusted the voting locations to have their act in order with proper equipment, enough ink, no broken pipes, enough blank ballots, voter ID, postmarked ballots, matching signatures, and enough pens to go around. But we are too trusting and now we are paying the price. America is paying the price. Moral of the story: Hell hath no fury like a woman (Hillary) scorned. She won’t stop and never underestimate the chicanery and tricks they will pull in order to get back the election they think was stolen from them by Trump.

When crooked Biden comes to the mic like he’s the president already it’s enough to make one hurl. He knows good and well that he has his hands in this and it stinks to high hell. This is the guy that wants to bring the soul back to the White House? Dignity? Decency? Spare me. He’s been cheating America for decades and enriching himself, why would he suddenly grow a conscience? He wouldn’t. He has no remorse or guilt and that is the recipe of a sociopath. Even Nancy claimed yesterday that Joe would bring back soul to the White House. I…don’t…think…so. How she could say that with a straight face baffles me. I even laughed.

I think Trump has some tricks of his own up his sleeve like maybe a way to tell if the ballots are counterfeit or not? That would be awesome. When all the chips fall and the inspectors come in for an audit, Trump may have his red wave after all. It stands to reason, as we flipped many spots in the House to red with the help of Trump. Why then would people vote against Trump? No one wanted Socialism nor defunding the police. That was the message they sent to D.C.

Photo by Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola on Pexels.com

We’re not out of the woods yet. Keep the faith. Trump won’t let us down. Don’t fall for the media’s demands for Trump to concede. They are in on the sham. No reason to concede while we are in litigation. Even if FOX is forced to call Biden the winner, don’t fall for it. FOX is run by liberal son of Murdoch who is all in for climate change initiatives.

We stand by Trump.


3 thoughts on “Why is it Whenever There’s Software Glitches…

  1. Same old antics, different years. What the Dems are not expecting is that millions of us conservatives are now organized and ready to fight them. Oh yeah…we are also heavily armed and like to hunt.


  2. Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.


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