Wow…I’m so Impressed that Biden Received Over 78 Million Votes!


Another Bush? Joe Biden checks his wrist watch during US Election  presidential debate, World News |

OMG! What a remarkable accomplishment for staying in his basement for nine months, not taking any questions, having no rallies or press conferences, spending millions on lying Trump ads, hiding behind his mask, having no platform other than covid, promising to raise our taxes and ban fracking, having an incriminating laptop seized by the FBI, calling his granddaughter his deceased son’s name, not living up to the polls that predicted a landslide for him, not going on Chris Wallace’s Show or any FOX show. He’s the man! Wow! We should all bow to this incredible candidate! This is unprecedented! This awesome man got the most votes in American history! More than our hero Hillary and more than our idol Obama! J…u…st…kidding.

If that sounds like what we’ve been hearing on the media (minus the sarcasm) for the last week or so, you’re right. This is the crap they’ve been spewing much to my cha-cringe.

I believe millions of Biden’s so-called votes can be attributed to the following: Counterfeit ballots frantically filled out by poll workers when Trump was ahead; non-resident ballots incredibly turning up the next morning; unsigned ballots from God knows where; ballots requested from eager voters over 90 years of age all on the same day; dead people ballots who rose from the grave to vote; stolen-from-the-mailbox ballots; ballots from lazy people that suddenly had the urge to vote; ballots from some that voted twice; backdated ballots; ballots from noncitizens; harvested ballots from rest homes, the homeless, pets, postal workers, college kids, and a partridge in a pear tree; votes flipped over from Trump to Biden via the Dominion software in 25 states. Way to go Biden! You did it. The Biden Heist we’ll call it. Biggest heist in history!

When you add up all this fraud across America, it could be in the multiple of millions! Most of these votes wouldn’t go back to Trump’s column if they are from counterfeit, dead people, backdated, 90-year olds who hadn’t planned on voting, or harvested, but they’d definitely be erased from the Biden column. And when you add all the flipped, destroyed, discarded, or invalidated Trump ballots and votes, Trump comes out ahead in popular and electoral votes IMO!

We just have to tell Twitter, Google, Facebook, Hillary, or New York Times this news! They can’t wait to hear this good news that Trump will win his second term fair and square again. Just…kidding.

If they have nothing to hide, why not shine some sunlight on what went on? Seems reasonable right? Not to the left. We are all poor sports and cry babies. We need to suck it up! The hypocrisy of the left never fails to disappoint. Again, they are projecting the way they have behaved for four years onto us. We can take it and don’t go to the streets to loot and burn. That’s their gig. We go to the courts like civilized human beings, not children. May the best, most honest and ethical campaign win.

Tick tock, tick tock, time’s about up, Joe. Enjoy your lead while you can. Like I wrote before, I’m so impressed with your achievement. I’m sure it was just because you were so popular and charismatic. Has to be. πŸ˜‰ Keep those stores boarded up though. We can’t let the real poor losers destroy anymore property.




6 thoughts on “Wow…I’m so Impressed that Biden Received Over 78 Million Votes!

  1. I don’t watch, but are the alphabet’s celebrating the way they should? This “news” should be beyond huge… In 2008, Obama was a star next to the Sun. That Biden, from the basement, topped him by millions is absurd.


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