The Most Ungrateful Bandits on Earth.

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And I don’t mean raccoons! I’m talking about the people who labeled Trump a racist or Hitler the last four years, tried to steal the last election from him and this one too, and now are asking him to concede and for his supporters to just let it go. Let’s all have unity now and bury the hatchet. What I say to that is: “Bite me!”

Why are they ungrateful? Because they have ignored all of Trump’s accomplishments for the last four years, too numerous to list in this blog but major ones were eliminating the threat of ISIS and North Korea and peace agreements in the Middle East that went unreported by “suppressed news media.” Do the research. If Trump really does lose in the courts and his accomplishments are reversed, I weep for our future. I weep for the Middle East’s future when we allow Iran to gain control again and open up our borders to hotbed Muslim countries as promised by “the big guy.”

Black Lives Matter movement will takeover the administration in a coup and figuratively throw them out of the White House while the Secret Service and D.C. Police are told to “stand down” by the radical leaders of the left much like the calm MAGA March ended up when they came in. They ruin everything. They are out of control violent because our liberal cities permitted them to get like this. They cowered to their demands by letting them paint graffiti on our streets and basketball courts and burn and loot our property. It never should have happened and now it’s a mess of their creating. Peace comes through strength not weakness.

We are not a racist country as Obama won two terms. Right? With a fair and honest election I might add without massive mail in ballots. I always felt he was the wrong black man to represent America, as he had an axe to grind. He really hates America and White people. He had a disturbing childhood which led to drug use which he has admitted. Not a quality I look for in a president. With the help of Affirmative Action he managed to get into college and, of course, his connection to neighborhood radicals launched his career. He started out as a community agitator much like BLM. We weren’t allowed to see his grades from college or any of his writings. Some of his professors do not remember him in their classroom. Maybe he skipped class but who knows now? His records were immediately scrubbed. Now he comes out with his latest book saying the only reason Trump won was millions of racists voted for him. That’s not only ignorant but fans the flames of racism, again. Obama, not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I, for one, am getting tired to being labeled racist for supporting Trump. It is the only thing they can say as they don’t recognize freedom, happiness, and prosperity which has been staring them in the face for four years. They take it for granted and, therefore, won’t miss it until it is gone. And they will be the ones to remove it. After we turn into a Third World Country without law and order and widespread anarchism maybe some of those that voted for Biden will finally realize the mistake they made. And only then. Maybe, just maybe. Right now they are about as clueless as a blonde in a John Hughes movie or Martha McFly “knock knock anybody home” from FOX.

It is a national disgrace that prominent Republicans and Never Trumpers have not come out to defend Trump from an all out assault of his character and family. Where is George Bush and the rest of his family? They know Trump is not racist. They aren’t acting presidential at all. Mrs. McCain is a resentful, bitter woman, so are the Romneys. Hell have no fury like a lost presidential election, I guess. They have no loyalty to party. At least we still have the support of Sarah Palin who has more smarts and loyalty than the lot of them. She knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the onslaught of lies and attacks from the left. Nothing they hate more than a conservative woman.

We all know now that the “voting machines” were tampered with across the country which outrageously flipped millions of votes from Trump to Biden. It is unconscionable. Hopefully Trump’s legal team will be able to prove this in a court of law; otherwise, we’ll have 73 million disenfranchised voters. They have hundreds of sworn affidavits of witnesses to voter fraud. It’s clear all of the stealing went into Biden’s column. But I’m hearing a collective chatter now coming from the left, “Every election has some fraud in it.” This is their way of dismissing widespread voter fraud, and we’ll have to listen to this crap until December 8th. But what I won’t listen to is the idiots on The View telling us to just suck it up or the media telling us we are racists for voting for Trump or that Trump should concede or that Trump supporters should be put on a blacklist. Trump is no racist. And anyone that truly thinks this, needs their head examined. I’m not kidding.

The CIA and the FBI need to be investigated by a special counsel as it seems they are involved in the voter fraud or at least had prior knowledge of it without lifting a finger to stop it. This is probably why Trump has not fired Chris Wray or Gina Pascal yet. Biden admitted that he didn’t need votes now, he needs them later and why he felt no need to campaign. The fix was in! He spoke the truth during a lack of acuity. This is widespread voter fraud from the top down. And these bandits are the most ungrateful humans on earth. They have no idea how good they have it now. Careful what they wish for.

Stay tuned.


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