Enemies of the State: Social Media, Anarchists, FBI, and Suppression News Media.


Highway 20 remains closed due to landslide | Local News | goskagit.com

After watching the press conference with Trump’s law team, I’m convinced we had an all out coordinated Domestic Terror Attack the night of our presidential election that has been covered up, if not assisted, by the aforementioned enemies of the state. And no one seems to be astounded by this? This is a nationwide conspiracy to steal and coverup an election that Trump won in a landslide and hand it over to his opponent! A landslide.

Any group or organization that attempts to overthrow a sitting president is an enemy of the state. The Democrats have been trying for four years out in the open but we now know that this is bigger than just Hillary, Obama, Comey, Holder, and the usual suspects. They have most of the media, social media, anarchists, and the FBI in their court. We are up against a tsunami but have to keep fighting for America and our democracy. This is the biggest legal challenge in the history of our country.

The forensic scientists and mathematicians that have examined the returns, timing, and numbers have determined that it is mathematically and statistically impossible for the numbers that came in all for Biden instantaneously especially when Trump was way ahead and GOP won the down ballots. Mathematically impossible! And the left “follows the science” or so they say. But only when it fits their narrative. This is why we have a sudden upsurge in positive covid tests and governors closing schools and threatening shutdowns again, so they can put up a smokescreen to coverup the real news that our election was rigged!

The only news channels that covered Trump’s law team presser were FOX and Newsmax, but some bimbo FOX reporter immediately dismissed the findings afterwards. This is journalistic malpractice of a news network not to be curious about what happened on election night and thereafter. Why hasn’t the FBI gone into these precincts with a search warrant and seized these machines in question? Giuliani said if he was still in law enforcement, there would already have been arrests made for probable cause but the FBI is dragging their feet. Why? What world am I living in?

If we continue down this road of apathy and suppression of the news, we will certainly end up like Venezuela which is what the left strives for. Biden wants Trump to concede or he’ll go down in history as an irresponsible president. What an idiotic comment by a guy who tried to steal an election. He needs to seriously look in the mirror. He’s no President Elect. He is Commander and Thief Elect.

Wake up America! We are in trouble! Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with C that stands for Corruption!


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