Coronavirus: “An Inconsequential Truth.”

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Has anyone noticed that it’s mostly Democrats that are quick to comply with strict government shutdowns, mask mandates, and draconian rules? Why are they so fearful of catching covid over the rest of us? Or are they? They’re so quick to wear their masks outdoors in the wide open, while driving, and in their own homes. They’re also quick to pull their kids out of school, store up on toilet paper, and wait for their stimulus check. And these same Democrats are first to announce that the vaccine that they’ve been demanding, they don’t want to take.

Has covid itself become nothing more than a political statement that the left are happy to oblige by under some guise of being patriotic and they don’t want it to disappear? They love taking selfies of themselves in a mask. It’s uncanny. It’s starting to look this way as they aren’t the least bit excited about all the vaccines ready to be available. There’s nothing rational about coronavirus fear now that it’s been around for a while. We have successful therapeutics and statistics to rely on and mass testing. In fact, coronavirus fear is irrational fear.

I heard one bald financial guy on CNBC say that the government does not have a plan to disperse the vaccine once it is available. Really? I guess he only watches his network. The government has said that the most vulnerable seniors in rest homes, their caretakers, and hospital workers will be first in line. For a notable financial anchor to not know this is journalistic malpractice. He was obviously making a dig at the Trump Administration. Clueless anchor that needs to be fired if I ran his network. But, of course, they are all in this together.

Why do people want to live in a nanny state where the governor tells us how to behave? Is it because these same people have no original ideas and welcome the ideas from their governor? Are they that dependent and helpless? Or are they the product of the participation trophy or the brainwashing Inconvenient Truth generation? Little by little we are experiencing the wussification of America. We can’t make any decisions for ourselves without going to a CDC website? Where are our commonsense and self-survival skills? They seem to be stolen by a generation of helicopter parenting, schooling, coaching, and now our government. We allowed this behavior to take hold and are dealing with the unintended consequences: herd of sheeplike, masked zombies walking around with their hands out–one hand for their cellphone and the other for handouts.

So what is coronavirus, really? It’s a virus that was manufactured in China and unleashed on the world to cause an economic pandemic as well as kill off a million people. It brought the U.S. to its knees, ruined our presidential election, and gave powers to corrupt governors and mayors that should never have been allowed. And it has the left kowtowing to every draconian rule that comes down the pike. It’s out of control.

We the People, that have any decorum of commonsense left, need to start breaking these crazy rules and go about our business before this brainwashing and wussification of America is allowed to continue. Coronavirus has been hyped by the media to instill fear in us; but reality is, it is unimportant and inconsequential to our daily lives. It’s an inconsequential truth. If we don’t start to break the rules, they will only get worse as they (our governors) are trying to get complete control of our lives. Don’t let it happen. Stop it before it gets worse.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Pray for Trump. May our Christmas holidays be better.




4 thoughts on “Coronavirus: “An Inconsequential Truth.”

  1. You are talking about things I have been thinking about a lot lately. Society has gotten quite strange over the past twenty or so years. Major changes since the nineties. People don’t seem to be very happy anymore. Comedians have to walk on egg shells or get attacked from all sides. It seems everybody has some sort of niche carved out that they are super sensitive about. It’s almost as if everyone has retreated to their own little villages, and erected walls around themselves. It’s very strange indeed.


  2. Yes, political correctness has ruined it for comedians unless they are picking on Trump. That’s why I resort to old reruns of Seinfeld, Curb, and lately Old Christine. Even tho she’s a big lib they didn’t write with a lot of PC. She has an episode where she appeared afraid of the Blacks in her gym yet always brags she voted for Obama, drives a Prius, and dates Black guys. Basically a lib on paper. Never would that be filmed today.


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