Why Do I Watch (the real) Housewives of Orange County?

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Why do I admit to watching the RHOC? Is it similar to watching a train wreck or some other reason? Is it a guilty pleasure like eating chocolate or binge watching Seinfeld? Or maybe it’s a break from the politics that I usually watch. That must be it. I mean how many times do I need to hear that Trump is going to court to appeal the election? We know already!

Last night’s episode, however, had me reeling. It was filmed during the shutdown in California due to covid. These mothers literally fell apart crying and acting hysterical. They behaved like spoiled children themselves. Their poor, scared kids didn’t know what the virus was and were asking questions like, “Mom, where did the virus come from?”

Answer: “I don’t know, hon.”

Really? That’s the best you got? It came from China! Duh!

Another mom said into the camera that she thought it came from a monkey. I guess she watched Outbreak. Another just cried hysterically and yelled at her family for not following HER rules which she normally loves making. Another took an impromptu flight to New York exposing herself to covid along the way. But the worst of them all had to send her household help home and was left to do the laundry herself! First time ever! Seven children and she did not know how to turn on her own washing machine and she was a stay at home mom! I was flabbergasted and bewildered at the same time–probably why I’m writing this. It was unreal. Was she bragging or complaining? Not sure.

Where were these women raised and by whom? Most of them can’t cook; and now it appears, can’t do laundry. Almost like they were either raised in a house full of servants (slaves) or by a working mom who had pawned them off on God knows who that taught them diddlysquat. Either way they have been left unprepared for life; its unexpected surprises, setbacks, and/or illnesses.

To top it off when the George Floyd story hit the airwaves these same moms hit the streets with their young children yelling “black lives matter!” They said to the camera that there is systemic racism across the country and we need to help stop it. This coming from an all white county. How gullible are they? Judging from these clueless airheads, very gullible. This is the younger generation. Gen X. I have no doubt who they voted for. Not a doubt in my mind. They believe everything they read on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or watch on late night comedy shows. That’s their news or something called Page Six.

One of the sharper women argued that black lives matter, but looting and burning businesses doesn’t help a thing to a room of eyerolling moms. If these women are typical of other mothers, it’s no wonder why we have BLM and Antifa. They raised their children to protest in the streets at a young age. They are doing what their crazy mom taught them, just like Kamala’s mother did. Like mother like daughter!

These women care about shopping, eating out, drinking, grooming, vacationing, and rich men. That is the extent of their lives. No wonder they had a meltdown as their lifestyle came to a sudden halt! Most of these women are college grads. One is from Arizona, however, but never heard of a prickly pear cactus. That’s shocking to me as I lived there for a few Springs and learned the name of every cactus in the desert. Some of them attack you like the jumping cholla. You never forget an attack like this when you’re hiking with your dog. We both ended up much like this picture and hobbled home.

Sneaky Jumping Cholla.Cactus Attack! - YouTube

To be shut in with their children must have been a torturous event for these poor ladies. By the end of the episode, one of the women’s daughters had tested positive and another one’s husband was heading to the hospital with a fever. Poor guy. Someone did not follow the strict guidelines. They are social animals and didn’t stop seeing their friends. I feel sorry for their husbands, boyfriends, and children to be living with such pampered, unreal women like these.

I’ve never known anyone like these women, ever. I guess that’s why I watch it. Is it a generation thing? Maybe. Are they just lazy? Maybe. Or were they raised to be spoiled? Maybe. And don’t say it is scripted or choreographed. It’s not. You couldn’t write a script that some of these women say. Or as Hannity always says, you can’t make this stuff up.

They’re all divorced and have new, nice boyfriends, so not real housewives at all. The Real Divorcees or Mothers of Orange County it should be renamed. One is still married and another is going through a divorce but it got postponed due to covid. That made her cry, not the shutdown, as she was confined to her beachfront mansion with her new Ferrari. Poor, poor pitiful girl. It’s no wonder they break down crying. Just kidding.

Did they even once think about those that have lost their businesses and jobs due to the shutdown? I don’t think so. Just how it affected them: no schools, no hair salon, no manicures and pedis, no waxing or Botox, no eating out, no travel, no shopping…at least they still had alcohol and maybe a subzero frig full of designer ice cream. Thank the Lord!

What we have here is pampered women that don’t appreciate what they have until the sun stops shining. They can’t even cut their own toenails! This is shocking to me. Yet they still vote. Also shocking. Remember the attractive couple in Annie Hall that Woody stopped on the street to ask, “You look like a happy couple, how do you account for it? Shelly Hack answered, “I’m very shallow and empty and have no ideas and nothing interesting to say.” And her boyfriend said he was exactly the same. So is this the women of Orange County?

But, seriously, I enjoy watching their show regardless of how spoiled they all are. It’s nice to get into the homes of other people to see their decorating, clothing, and styles. Don’t be offended, housewives. You put yourself out there so a little criticism is bound to come your way. I’m sure your twitter is burning up today. Or whatever they call that. My favorite in your show is Shane. Hope he gets well soon.

Hang in there, housewives. It will all be over soon and you can get back to normal. But recall your governor, and you’ll be back to normal sooner. Maybe then your one cast member can go the French Laundry, which may be more to her liking.


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