Trump’s Vaccine is Coming Soon.

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If not for Trump’s Warp Speed program that got rid of mounds of red tape, there’d be no vaccines for the China Virus coming soon. Let’s get that straight right now. Biden and his imaginary covid team have nothing to do with the vaccines coming out. They have done nothing. He’d like to take credit for Trump’s accomplishment like Obama always did, but we have eyes and ears. When Trump was putting together the private companies to come up with a vaccine, Biden and Kammie told the public, they would not trust a vaccine that the Trump administration releases to the public. But now all of a sudden, they will trust it? Not so fast.

We know what they’re doing. They are trying to take credit for Trump’s Vaccine with the help of the biased media. The media is not giving Trump one iota of credit for the incredible swiftness that this vaccine has come out but are implying that Biden has something to do with the timing. He does not.

I turned on CNN to see what they are reporting today. They are talking about the transition of Biden coming into the White House. They have their heads in the sand. They are claiming they need to disinfect the White House when the Trumps leave. This is the most insulting story I’ve ever heard. Covid isn’t sitting on surfaces in the White House! Boy, oh boy, are they trying to PUSH the Trumps out of the White House. They already have a cleaning crew coming in. This story is not only disrespectful to the president, it is reverse racism. Wonder if FOX News had said they needed to disinfect the White House after Obama leaving? There’d be outrage from the left. But CNN gets away with this? All I remember is the Clinton staff vandalized the White House prior to Bush moving in. They destroyed computers, works of art and carpets, and left the place in shambles on purpose. But we need to disinfect the Trumps? I don’t think so. The Trumps have more class than the Dems do.

They are also trying to find a job for Melania when she departs implying that she will leave Trump. Give me a break. The Trumps are rich and talented unlike the Obamas and Clintons. They don’t need advice from CNN on what to do when leaving the White House. The way CNN belittles and marginalizes the Trumps is why I can’t turn on CNN. Trump has more talent in his little finger than Biden in his whole brittle body. Biden hasn’t won yet. Cheating is not winning. Stealing is not winning. Hold your horses CNN.

They have literally buried the story of Eric Swalwell ties to communist China altogether. I guess it doesn’t fit their narrative. Trump bad, Dems good. They belittled the story that Trump is going to the Supreme Court to prove voter fraud and buried the story of Hunter’s laptop. I guess it doesn’t fit their narrative either. Trump bad, Dems good. No one should be watching CNN. It is not news at all. Just biased, regurgitated, anti-Trump garbage.

CNN calls the voter fraud: Trump’s lie. He can’t handle the fact that he lost the election. Are you kidding? How CNN can ignore all the evidence of fabricated ballots, forged ballots, discarded ballots, and flipped votes into the Biden column is unconscionable. All mathematical and statistical science points to Trump winning in a landslide. Trump won in a landslide. Biden cheated in a landslide. Take your pick. And since when is a little fraud okay with us? It’s not. Thousands of participants in voter fraud belong behind bars. I hope they get prosecuted.

And if you are inclined to receive the Trump Vaccine, it will be coming to your doctor’s office soon. And let’s start calling it the Trump Vaccine as the media won’t.


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