Have the Street Thugs Hijacked all 3 Branches of our Government…

through intimidation?

3 Branches of U.S. Government infographic. See description below.

Judging from the Supreme Court’s shocking decision to refuse to even hear arguments on the Texas lawsuit filed against the states that allowed their governors to change their election laws prior to the election which is clearly against the constitution, it’s beginning to appear so. Someone or some group got to them. They didn’t want to hear arguments because they knew in their heart that they would have to rule in Trump’s favor and there would be a national outcry.

First we have our Attorney General of the Executive Branch making an ignorant statement that there is no evidence of voter fraud and now this. Someone or some group has gotten to him. Bill Barr is more like a big teddy bear now than a bull dog. Our Director of the FBI has been gone for some time. He may have been threatened the minute he took office. He held back exculpatory evidence that would have stopped the Mueller Probe saving millions of taxpayer dollars. This is usually grounds for disbarment but not in his case.

Our three branches of government have been hijacked (intimidated) out of fear. The Congress has been gone since AOC came in. She and Bernie are the leaders of the street thugs. I guess a year of civil disobedience (riots) in our streets, that our liberal governors and Biden condoned, has gotten to all three branches. They have riot fatigue and fear. That together with veiled threats from elected officials on Twitter to punish Trump supporters combined with their censoring all conservative speech as “hate speech,” we got burned, bad. They’re all fearful of a civil war. But, ironically, what they’re doing (or not doing in this case) could incite one. But I hope not.

All we have left is the President and Vice President and their legal team who are fighting for us. And I thank them everyday for not caving to pressure. They will not cave, bend, or cower to the street thugs. As no one should. And you know they are getting a tsunami of incoming threats. Our election was robbed from Trump and everyone now knows it and it can be proved, BUT do our courts have the mettle to overturn a stolen election? So far, it doesn’t appear so.

We’ve never had voter fraud to this extent, and they’re in unchartered territory even for the courts to rule on. They must be shivering in their boots. Whatever decision they make will go down in history as the biggest decision by a court in U.S. History. Bigger than O.J. This must weight heavy on them; although as an honest judge, it shouldn’t. The outcome of any decision should never weigh on any judges’ minds when determining a ruling. If it does, they are in the wrong job.

We stand by Trump, as he stands by us. We can protest outside the Supreme Court to show them we have a voice too. We will not stoop to the mobs’ level of destruction of property, however. If we did, we are no better than them. We will use the legal system to its full capacity until one of them listens to the rule of law and our constitution. One of these judges must have a moral compass, a steel constitution, and a conscience; but so far, I ain’t seeing it.

The street thugs have hijacked (intimidated) all three branches of our government, leaving the President and VP to stand alone. It is a sad reality to think that our government could be overturned by a bunch of illiterate street thugs. And to envision that this bumbling, corrupt, lech of a man could be the leader of the free world turns my stomach. I can’t even look at Biden now when he comes to the mic. I can’t even address who he has chosen for his cabinet as it sickens me even more. Susan Rice and John Kerry??!!!! They’re all in on the heist of our election and don’t deserve a position in The White House, just The Big House.

Pray for Trump. Pray for the United States of America. We the People, the voters, are victims of a silent, well-coordinated domestic terror attack on our election system and now our three branches of government.



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