School Closures are Harming Our Children.

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Children need to be IN SCHOOL with other children for mental and social development. They need one-on-one attention from a live teacher that walks around the classroom handing out papers and writing on the chalkboard. They need time away from their parents so both can appreciate each other more when they come home from school. They need recess to play and burn off calories to prevent obesity. They need physical education to learn coordination and how to play sports. That used to be my favorite class. But I digress.

They need structure that school provides to learn to keep schedules and be on time. They need social interaction with other children of the opposite sex especially when entering their middle school age. They need to experience art, music, plays, dance, holiday activities, public speaking, sports, and other extracurricular activities that cannot be taught over a computer screen. They need the discipline that a teacher can provide especially when parents have failed. They need to stand and say the pledge to the flag each morning to learn appreciation for their country. And some actually need the school lunches that the government provides them for nutrition. And some, unfortunately, need to escape their home where they are victims of physical abuse which only a teacher can spot and report. Basically, when schools are closed, the children suffer.

Some say it will stunt a child’s growth being out of school for a year by approximately nine years. That’s bad. This can lead to depression and possibly suicide when they reach their teens.

The cure is worse than the disease now. Even adults in California are experiencing depression. They have nothing to look forward to. They’ve been asked to cancel Christmas and some are actually complying. To these compliance folks, the fear is worse than the disease. Even when they know help is on the way with a Trump vaccine, they are still fearful. They are the product of ten months of brainwashing by the media. They listened and read every lame article they could find and are now brainwashed into being sheep. No offense to sheep.

It’s amazing how much the Californians are willing to take without going to the street in protest. They are mostly liberals but even a liberal knows what Newsom is forcing on them is outrageous and ludacris. Sure they complain in private, but I feel they are blaming Trump for the pain they’re going through. At least my friends are. They never mention Newsom and feel the whole country is going through what they are. They are ignorantly awaiting a fresh start when Biden takes office. Maybe this is the goal of the likes of Newsom and Cuomo. The more pain they can inflict prior to Biden taking office, the more Biden will look like a savior when they end all their strict shutdowns. It’s very calculating. Even Nancy admitted to holding back stimulus until they have Biden in office and a vaccine is forthcoming so the “liar and thief” Biden can get credit. They are stone cold crazy.

Remember when Biden lied during his presidential debate against Trump saying he hasn’t taken one penny from China? This comment alone should be burying his presidential chances, but the suppressed news media isn’t covering it. In fact, they have been covering for Biden throughout the campaign by not allowing pertinent stories to reach the masses. Now they are burying the Swalwell story like it is nothing. If Swalwell were a Republican, this story would be huge. The extent to the media’s double standard is staggering.

Teacher Unions are running roughshod over our liberal governors asking them to keep the schools shutdown so they can sit home on their asses collecting a paycheck. And in turn the governors are running roughshod on their citizens. It is despicable. Teachers caring more about themselves than their students? The proofs in the pudding, and it doesn’t taste good. If they truly cared about children (which is why they supposedly enter into teaching), they would be encouraging their governors to open up our schools rather then asking them to shutdown.

Biden is rewarding everyone that helped him steal the election including the likes of Governor Cuomo who he is thinking of giving the Attorney General job. The guy who killed tens of thousands of elderly in New York City and allowed his city to be burned, looted, and rioted with the police standing down. He will be our next Attorney General?

Let’s get one final thing straight: Trump won this election by a landslide. Whether the courts have the mettle to let him prove it, is another story. If we allow the left to steal our election without standing up for ourselves, what else are we willing to let them steal? I can’t imagine.

Open up our schools as the children and their parents are suffering. Grow a conscience and stop using our children in your games. Our children are America’s future. Don’t harm them with selfish political games.


One thought on “School Closures are Harming Our Children.

  1. First, let us address the shortage of teachers. Teachers, not biased, axe-grinding, twits. Or, back-up. Let us first be better parents, which includes watching and educating those who we would trust to teach our children. Removing unfit teachers to less challenging jobs. School is for the Three-R’s, not for teaching liberalism, conservatism, dictated social-correctness. Let parents teach morality and religion. Teachers should get us back into the forefront of academia, not teach our children arson, brick-tossing, hate, and disguised bigotry.

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