Is it Really Defeat When You Know You Were Robbed?

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Do you have to concede even when you know, and half the country knows, the election was stolen but the corrupted courts won’t hear your case? Is it really winning when you cheated to win? I’m confused by folks telling Trump to give it up, accept the bitter pill of defeat, let it go, move on. Is this the way we want the leadership of our country to be achieved from here on out? By cheating? Does the winner go to the better cheater? Really? When in our lifetime have we ever been taught that this is the way to achieve something, by cheating?

Since the beginning of kindergarten and in Sunday School we are taught thou shalt not steal. It’s number eight in God’s Ten Commandments.

The Ten Commandments: List of Moral & Ethical principles for Good conduct

It’s not specific. It’s doesn’t say thou shalt not steal an apple from the grocery store or candy from the five and dime or money from the bank or the presidency of the United States. It just says thou shalt not steal. We all know it is a sin. Yet Biden, who appallingly ran on bringing dignity back to the White House and respect from other countries, didn’t seem to learn this commandment as a practicing Catholic. Amazing. Trump may have not been robbed in the traditional way at gunpoint, but robbed nonetheless.

We all know Biden has had a history of plagiarism (stealing) in college and even as a senator lifting (stealing) speeches from dead dignitaries. And his wife using the title of doctor to inflate her status. They are two peas in the same stealing pod. And I won’t even go into his son Hunter right now. Is this how he achieves success, by cheating and stealing? Is he so used to pulling the wool over the eyes of ignorant people that he thought he could get away with it? Who are all these people asking Trump to concede when they know in their hearts that Trump got robbed? Why are we allowing Biden to steal the most prized possession in America, the presidency? Why? I’m confused.

I read where Chief Justice Roberts is being blackmailed so he can’t rule in Trump’s favor. And he controls the Supreme Court. That in itself is disturbing unless there’s someone else with the same name John Roberts flying on the Lolita Express. Maybe it’s the FOX reporter John Roberts. Oh, that must be it. A reporter flying with Epstein to Jail Bait Island. This has the fingerprints of the Clintons all over it. They’ve been planning this heist from the day Trump took office. It was well-coordinated at the hands of many former disgruntled politicians in high positions: Kerry, Obama, Comey, Brennen, and Clapper.

Is this why Trump has no chance of turning around the results of a stolen election because too many powerful politicians are involved? Oh sure, we have the usual suspects defending Trump from Cruz to Jordan to Huckabee to our Senators to Rand Paul to Flynn to Ken Starr to Levin. But this doesn’t seem to be enough. We need those with integrity that have held high positions in our government like Bush or even Carter coming to his defense. Honestly, there aren’t that many left to choose from. Even McConnell, Dole, and Barr seemed to imply that Biden won. Who got to them? And Colin Powell jumped ships long ago.

I’m disappointed that America is allowing the theft of our presidency either by blackmail or fear of street thugs retaliating like John Roberts has claimed. This is no way to run a country unless you want it to be a third world country. This is where we’re heading.

Is it really defeat when the Super Bowl or the World Series game was stolen by the other team? Think about it. Would the fans allow the final game to be stolen and just walk away quietly and then tell the losing team to just concede or let it go? Of course not! Neither will we.

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