Justice Roberts Heard Yelling Through the Walls While Considering the Texas Case…

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

“I don’t give an ef about Gore versus Bush! We didn’t have riots back then!” screamed usually mild-mannered Roberts at Justice Alito and Thomas who wanted to take up the Texas Election Fraud Case. Amy must have been quivering in her heels wondering what have I got myself into? Imagine Chief Justice Roberts not taking a case because of backlash from the left. This is unheard of. But I think he was using it as an excuse for the real reason: blackmail.

Only blackmail could raise his temper to that level. He also was heard saying, “There’s no way Trump will be reelected. And I’m not listening to you. I’m in charge here” addressing Trump’s three new justices. This is an arrogant, compromised justice who hates Trump and needs to resign. There’s a reason he doesn’t want Trump to be reelected and it probably involves an investigation into himself. He can’t do his job without any bias now. He became compromised when he decided to change the Obamacare healthcare bill into a tax bill. From then on out he’s been bought and sold. Roberts should resign!

Now onto Joe Biden. He says in a softball interview with Colbert, “I trust my son. He’s the smartest man I know as far as intellectual. He’ll be okay.” Biden knows when he takes office, that he will pardon his son or stop all investigations into his son’s money laundering and tax evasion. But Joe has the same problem. He’s been on the receiving end of the money chain. All roads lead to Joe. Joe is like the Godfather of the Biden Crime Syndicate Family. What will happen to Joe? How will he demand respect from Americans and other countries with this scandal hanging over his head?

Will Trump be able to pull out a win when January comes around? Is there a small chance that all the corruption and fraud that took place will finally be evident in American’s eyes and the powers at be vote to have Trump stay in office? Or has our whole country been corrupted? Americans are worried and wondering how this will all turn out. No one feels confident to celebrate a win not even the Democrats. Whatever happens will be so anticlimactic.

The truth is: Joe Biden has committed treason and participated in voter fraud and should be behind bars but the suppressed news media has allowed him to get away with it. Trump won the election fair and square in a landslide minus the voter fraud. The FBI, CIA, and NSA have covered for Joe too as the means justifies the end: to get Trump out of office. It was a well-planned coup to take down our sitting president.

All we really have left is KARMA. Karma will have to takeover and catch all those that participated in voter fraud, news suppression, quid pro quos, selling access, business shutdowns, falsifying covid deaths, money laundering, defunding police, bribing, blackmailing, and tax evasion. After this happens will there be any Democrats or RINOs left in D.C.? I don’t think so. Will this be the end of BLM? Probably. Will Antifa lose all their sponsors? Yes, most definitely. Then our country can get back to normal.

Yes, a true normal with no mask mandates, no rioting, and no more shutdowns with a thriving economy and a Trump vaccine that is coming to your doctor’s office. Just people protecting their own lives without government intervention but with proper precautions and safeguards together with an optional Trump vaccine. Sounds like a utopia but this is what we had prior to the corona China virus hitting our shores.

Unfortunately, the suppressed news media is burying the fact that it was Trump that expedited the research of the vaccine in a program called Warp Speed. After listening to a radio report of the vaccines from CBS News, they spent the whole time crediting China, then Fauci, then the scientists but not one mention of Trump cutting the red tape to advance the research at Warp Speed which would have normally taken five years. If fact, they said is was the most expeditious discovery in the history of medicine yet not one mention of Trump’s influence. Also, Fauci says it was he that received the early notification that they had the vaccine, not Trump. And it was before the election so they kept it under wraps. Trump is getting no credit for the vaccine from the media. It’s disgraceful.

One more thing: It has been said that Trump is vile, brash, vulgar, and incites violence; yet in four years he has not spoken in anger to anyone using foul language. Yet we have had Rashida call Trump a motherf–ker, AOC call Trump supporters all f–kers, our Chief Justice use the ef word in anger, and Joe say if he was younger he’d take Trump behind the gym and beat him up. And yet they say it is Trump that incites violence; is brash and vulgar. Remarkable!


One thought on “Justice Roberts Heard Yelling Through the Walls While Considering the Texas Case…

  1. Washington D.C. has been a cesspool for a very long time now. For years they were able to hide it, and keep it from the public, with the help of the media. A very good expose’ of how bad it was even in the 50’s was laid bare in the JFK documentary recently aired on Newsmax. The difference is now, the cesspool has gotten so full of human crap, it has risen to the top of the tank and is overflowing, and can no longer be hidden. Nobody even tries anymore.

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