There’s a Difference Between a “Sore Loser” and a “Sore Victim.”

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I keep hearing certain guests on the news like Geraldo saying Trump stands to look like a sore loser. He needs to concede. Trump would be a sore loser if he had lost fair and square and then complained. But he didn’t lose fair and square. He got robbed in a landslide in plain sight and the courts refuse to hear it. Hillary is still a sore loser. Romney is still a sore loser. McCain was a sore loser. But they all lost fair and square.

Stealing isn’t winning. Cheating isn’t winning. Trump is just a victim of a widespread orchestrated theft of the election called Operation Crossfire Biden Heist that authorities either overlooked or never saw coming. And Geraldo is just voicing the opinion of his liberal wifey who got to him just as Barr’s, Comey’s, Zuckerberg’s, McConnell’s, and Murdock’s wives did. These liberal ladies have a lot of pull.

Ask yourself the following: How is it that Trump won Ohio and no president has ever lost Ohio and won the presidency? How is it that Trump was ahead in Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan and suddenly the counting stopped? Ask yourself how is it that 42,000 folks in Nevada voted twice for Biden yet they have not called their state for Trump? Many underaged children voted for Biden as well as nonresidents and dead people yet Nevada has still not called their state for Trump. It seems cheating is allowed in Nevada. Hmmmm.

Just how many unlawful votes are acceptable to the Democrats? The answer should be none. But they have a different way of looking at things: Every race has some voter fraud on both sides. Sure, there were some shenanigans, but not enough to overturn the results. Trump’s just being a baby. It smells a little fishy but not enough to change the results. The election workers in Georgia were mostly Black and not smart enough to pull off election fraud. Talk about racist! Trump’s handling of the pandemic caused him to lose the election.

If Trump was so worried about election fraud he should have had security cameras everywhere. So it’s Trump’s fault they cheated! That’s classic! The reason they stopped counting was so they could gather up all the mail in ballots to be counted. Where’s the computers that were programmed to switch votes? I haven’t seen any evidence of widespread voter fraud. There weren’t enough ballots in those suitcases to change the winner in that state. This statement alone condones voter fraud: a little bit of voter fraud, okay. Massive voter fraud, bad, i.e. if a truckload of ballots were dumped outside the election room, then they’d take a look at it. But a couple of suitcases, not a big deal.

Apparently hundreds of whistleblowers’ sworn affidavits that observed voter fraud in action are not good enough for the Democrats nor the courts. Like the postal worker that drove pallets of ballots out of state from New York to Georgia in the dead of night in order to change the results by the light of day. Not evidence.

Only the FBI can get a subpoena to seize computers that were suspected to have the Dominion software that switched the votes from Trump to Biden. And therein lies the rub. The FBI does not want to touch the voter fraud issue or is part of the Operation Crossfire Biden Heist. Without that evidence brought into the courts, it makes it harder to prove. They have eyewitness testimony to the fact that the computers were tampered with by suspicious characters and no one asked for their identity, not even the security guards. That is chilling.

Trump is not being a sore loser. He’s a sore victim of the Deep State’s latest coup: Operation Crossfire Biden Heist. Anyone would be sore if they were a victim of theft just like he was a victim of a Russia Collusion Hoax and a quid pro quo hoax. How one man can withstand the amount and to the extent of dirty tricks against him is more than I can comprehend. He is the strongest man I know.

Trump is fighting for us as we don’t want an illegitimate president running our country. Ironically, this is what they called Trump the last four years. Maybe the left will be getting a taste of their own medicine. For real this time, though. Not from the suppressed news media, however.


2 thoughts on “There’s a Difference Between a “Sore Loser” and a “Sore Victim.”

  1. “Just how many unlawful votes are acceptable to the Democrats? The answer should be none.”
    I’m a Democrat and, perhaps I’m in the minority in my party here, but the number of unlawful votes I find acceptable is absolutely none.


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