Biden Has Opened the Floodgates for Illegals to Pour in.

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They are currently amassing like an invasion and caravanning from Guatemala and Honduras hoping to reach America by the time Biden takes office. Hold your horses!

Biden has offered some lame promise of citizenship for millions of illegals and open borders. Well, they are pouring in at around 2600 a day right now. Thanks a lot, Biden, but you’re not president yet. If you become president you will be the most dubious president in the history of elections with a cloud of suspicion hanging over your head regarding not only your involvement in selling access to other countries as a VP but now widespread voter fraud which you were undoubtedly part of. If he wants to be transparent, he should ask for a complete investigation by the FBI into the alleged voting machines and his son prior to his taking office. But he won’t.

How much damage can Biden do to our border states and he’s not even in office yet? California is already hurting from Newsom. We don’t need more criminals, homeless, and unemployed pouring into our state. Will he have the wall removed too, like the left wants? Elected Democrats love spending our money, so I wouldn’t put it past him.

Did you hear about the covid relief bill? Billions of dollars spent on nonsense (pork) like gender studies of statues in another country, foreign aid, Egyptian military, reef fish management, funding the academy of the arts (again), and stimulus checks retroactive to illegals. This is not a covid relief bill. Why would we give money to people that have broken our laws? Why? When is it a priority to fund actors who already get paid too much? What about Americans that have suffered from loss of work!!!! How dare them! There are lots of wasteful and unnessary items in the bill that need to be scratched. I don’t think a one of them has ever balanced a budget, taken economics, nor run a business. Rand Paul is right so is AOC for once. This bill stinks. If we are going to reward those that are hurting from covid, reward them with an amount that will actually help them.

Someone did that math on the $900 billion bill and determined that it could send $3,000 per taxpayer in America if they removed all the pork spending. Of course, not everyone is in need of the check but it shows how they like to spend our money on things that won’t help us at all. Sending money overseas will not address covid relief here, but it is the way of the elected Democrats. They love foreigners more than their own people.

This bill promises a piddling $600 per person making under $75,000 a year. Lots of retired folks that are well off fall into that category but are not affected by shutdowns. Give their checks to those out of work, on unemployment, or have suffered a loss in small business income due to the pandemic. There are the forgotten victims of the shutdowns and pandemic that no one thinks about: musicians, wedding planners, house cleaners, caterers, artists, hotels, motels, limo companies, UBER drivers, travel agents, and many others. But the most hurt are restaurant owners and all their staff!

Only 1% of the new covid cases have been attributed to people eating out yet they are the hardest hit. It doesn’t make sense. If we can shop in a grocery store, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, or Costco filled with strangers, we can sit in an outdoor café for an hour with people we trust. Statistics show that more people are catching the virus in Costco and large grocery outlets than in restaurants. Why is that? Everyone wears a mask so how is it that we can catch it in a store? The mask theory is not as sure proof as people have been led to believe.

I heard that the person in charge of who gets the vaccines at the CDC is a transgender that doesn’t want elderly whites in rest homes getting the vaccines first but would rather have prisoners receiving priority. So, again, we are rewarding those that have broken the law and allowing our most vulnerable seniors to flounder. Doesn’t make sense. Why is this guy in charge?

I heard that the Residence Inns in San Diego are being sold to the city to use for the homeless. Nice. Give all the decent hotels to the homeless. I guess they figured since they weren’t getting an adequate occupancy during the pandemic, to just sell off to the city. Wait until all the illegals start pouring in. Those places will fill up quickly.

I heard that Biden called a FOX Reporter a “one horse pony.” He meant a one trick pony which means the guy asking it is an idiot that can only come up with one question. He answered yes to whether he still thinks Hunter’s laptop is a Russia disinformation campaign. Biden is dismissive as he laughs off a question before actually answering it by doubling down on his lies. We will have the biggest Liar and Chief in the White House if he pulls off a win. He lies daily, and they used to call Trump a liar. Amazing. The lies they attributed to Trump were actually the truth, but the media couldn’t handle the truth so they called them lies. Biden is obviously banking on winning so he can pardon his son on day one.

I heard that FOX News won’t allow guests on their shows that use the term Voter Fraud. Wow! I guess they haven’t listened to Hannity, Tucker, Laura, or Watter’s shows. Or maybe their time is about up and don’t know it yet. FOX is selling out to the left. Juan Williams, Donna Brazzile, and Geraldo are waiting in the wings vying for their jobs.

Get prepared for an influx of illegals if Biden wins the election. They want as many future voters in their camp as possible to stay in power so why not bring in illegals and make them citizens? It makes perfect sense to elected Democrats along with releasing prisoners and hiring Big Tech employees for the transition team. Reward your donors (or partners in crime) is the name of the game in the Biden Administration along with tagging as many people of color, former Obama staffers, or different genders as possible in your cabinet. Forget their qualifications for the position.


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