Merry Christmas Eve to the President and First Lady.

Donald Trump, Melania hold hands in official Christmas portrait

Thank you for all that you’ve accomplished in such a short time while under the constant attack from the left. They never accepted you as their president and tried relentlessly for four years to overturn the 2016 results. There was no stopping them when the 2020 election came around. It would be like stopping a tsunami. Can’t happen.

America knows that Biden cheated with the help of the media, big tech, governors, election offices, the FBI, and the courts to oust you out of the White House. Everyone knows whether they admit it or not. It’s not up to you to prove it to us. It should be up to the FBI or Supreme Court; but they are surely part of the coup.

Ask yourself what kind of a presidency will you have the next four years if you are awarded the win? The House will pass all kinds of liberal left radical bills and possibly the Senate will be stolen too and agree with them. You’d spend four years vetoing their crap and trying to pass executive orders for the rest of your term. You’ll be up for another impeachment, for God knows what, again. Oh, probably for pardoning Jared Kushner’s father. These people won’t stop. As much as we want you to win (and know that you did win), I feel America knows it was stolen and will weigh heavy on Biden’s four years.

Biden will never be able to live down the heist. Never. In fact, it will go into the history books. You’ll become a martyr after leaving the White House. You are a victim of theft and a coup d’état twice now and the history books will reflect that. I’m so glad you pardoned Manafort, Stone, Flynn, and the others on your campaign; as if not for the fake Mueller Probe into Russia Collusion, they would not have been charged with anything. Good job. They were the victims of the “fruit of the poisonous tree.” Any information (fruit) obtained under a false investigation (poisonous tree) is, therefore, inadmissible in court as it should be in their case. And the FBI knows full well it was. Those on the Mueller Team should all be disbarred; in fact, Weissman is one of the most vocal opponents to Trump’s pardons. Amazing.

I won’t be surprised if you pardon Julian Assange. Maybe we’ll finally hear who his source was for the Podesta emails. Go for it. Then we can reopen the investigation into the Seth Rich murder.

So even though the cowardly (or corrupt) judges, governors, legislators, and others failed to support you during your quest to prove to America that you won in a landslide, just know that America does know. Biden’s karma reeks and will be dealt with in other ways. Short of a civil war which is more like a silent war with the left, we stand by your fight for justice but know that it is like fighting city hall only bigger. The odds are never on your side. So when your term is up just realize that you accomplished more good for America in four years than all the presidents have in previous eight year terms. That is your legacy. Be proud of it. And you had no experience as a politician or even in government. You were a quick study. Your biggest accomplishment is getting four Middle East Peace Agreements, IMO.

As far as where our country will be heading after a third-world-country-like heist, God only knows. I foresee lots of problems down the road, some foreign wars, real estate crashes, mass bankruptcies, more upheavals, and the like. It won’t be pretty. If there is a silver lining for what has just occurred, maybe we can learn from our mistake of trusting the American public to have integrity and honesty. Many do not and should be behind bars.

We need to pass National Election Laws that are the same across the nation which prohibit voting by mail, voter ID with signature matches, no same day registration, one or two days of voting only, only paper ballots, no computer programs, deceased or moved voters removed from voter rolls, employers allowing time off to vote, observers from both parties posted at every voting precinct. Only a voting system used uniformly across the nation will solve the problems we had in 2020. 20/20 vision is perfect vision. 2020 election opened our eyes to an imperfect system that was more of a free for all that left us vulnerable to corruption and they took full advantage of it.

Most Americans have expressed apathy toward fighting for justice and have covid-rules fatigue. They aren’t up for a long drawn out fight that goes beyond January 20th. We’ll just part our ways with the thieves and let them walk into the burning walls of karmic fate that they created for themselves. It will be akin to a divorce only the fault is on them. I’ll be sad when your term is up as most of us are feeling already. But life goes on. It has to. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Jonah Baumann - Wall of Fire


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