Who Made Santa’s Top 25 Naughty List This Year?


Coal In My Stocking This Year Tea

In no particular order:

  1. Governor Cuomo
  2. Governor Newsom
  3. Senator Pelosi
  4. Chief Justice John Roberts
  5. Congresswomen AOC et al
  6. Congressman Swalwell
  7. Dr. Fauci
  8. China President Xi
  9. George Soros
  10. Hunter Biden et al
  11. Actors, Lori Loughlin et al
  12. Mayor Garcetti of L.A.
  13. Mayor De Blasio
  14. FBI Dir. Chris Wray
  15. Mayor Lori Lightfoot
  16. Governor Gretchen Whitmore
  17. Lieutenant Vindman et al
  18. Chris Krebs Dir. of Homeland Security
  19. Tedros Adhannom of W.H.O
  20. Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan
  21. Jack Dorsey of Twitter
  22. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook
  23. Murdocks of FOX News et al
  24. Jeff Zucker of CNN
  25. Bill Gates of Microsoft

The aforementioned characters know what they did or didn’t do or were just plain annoying to death and will have to get coal for Christmas. Maybe next year they can come off the list. Let’s hope so. I’m sure there are many more that got coal, but this was my top 25. I left off most of Hollywood, murderers, and the media as they aren’t important are they. Also left off our so-called “president elect.” I’ll wait until next year (if he’s still around) to see if he makes the naughty list.

Merry Christmas to the rest of us! And a Happier 2021! Now go check your stockings!


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