Will America Become our Biggest Threat to Liberty?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Excerpt from NWO Report:

“The new SCOTUS justices have to be aware that our United States Constitution is under attack, not just from anarchists, but also from numerous politicians and the media.  Freedom of speech, the right to own a weapon, and property rights are all being attacked, and to a fundamental degree, our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is being increasingly denied.  There has been extreme violence in several of our major cities, which does not meet even token resistance from their governors and mayors.  Lives have already been lost.  In addition, the rioting has destroyed numerous businesses, thereby destroying property and denying liberty and pursuit of happiness for those business-owners.

There is a report that the chief justice, John Roberts, is afraid of inciting riots and said he would tell the other justices how to vote.  Considering John Roberts’s actions in the past that appeared to be politically motivated, he may well be concerned that a SCOTUS ruling could incite violence.  His determination to uphold the Constitution seems to be weak at best.  However, the older conservative justices, Alito and Thomas, proved that they were willing to hear cases about the fraudulent election when they dissented in the Texas v. Pennsylvania, et al. case.  So why wouldn’t the new SCOTUS justices follow the lead of Alito and Thomas, especially when the issue of free and fair elections is so vital to our Constitution?

To read more: https://nworeport.me/2020/12/26/what-are-the-new-scotus-justices-thinking/


The previous article was an eyeopener. Why wouldn’t the new justices side with Alito and Thomas? It is disconcerting. Trump chose the most conservative judges he could, but there seems to be a bigger power at play that has taken over. If we allow threats of violence from within our country to rule, then we have lost our country to anarchism. “The presidential election is the most important election to ensure that our Constitution is preserved.” NWO Report.

Yesterday’s alleged domestic terror attack is a prime example of where we are heading. I’m not ruling out an attack from ISIS. If it did came from one of our own (whether they be on the right or left or just some crazy nut), we can probably expect more because our mayors and governors have not confronted the problem all year long. Now the attacks on our cities could get more severe. Plus there are more disgruntled, unemployed people from both sides of the aisle across the nation due to all the irrational shutdowns of their businesses from their governors.

Nashville is a popular spot for country musicians to play their music and live. Country singers are known for their love of country. They are peaceful folks. An attack on Christmas morning is clearly an attack on religion which the media fails to notice. It couldn’t be a more blatant statement the nut was trying to make. The comment from the FBI is, “It was an intentional act, but there is no clear motive.” In English that means they know more than they’re telling us. It was probably a mentally ill anesthetist activist, but the left media will try to bury that part of the story. I’m waiting for them to compare it to Oklahoma City bombing by right wing nuts. That is always the media’s “go to” villain. They blamed Rush Limbaugh for inciting the Oklahoma City bombers. The media will probably blame Trump for inciting violence this time as they’ve done for the last four years. When in doubt, blame Trump.

Americans like this are behaving like spoiled children. They have to get their way, or they have a hissy fit. The more we give in to them, however, with no repercussions, the worse they behave just like children do. I weep for the future under a Biden Administration because he will never be able to control the spoiled children of America. They will demand more and more from him just like AOC will. Will America become our biggest threat more than China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, and ISIS? That remains to be seen.

Stay tuned.

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