Biden Supporters are So Angry…

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And delusional if they think Biden won the election fair and square. But notice they haven’t stopped shooting cops, robbing banks, and destroying property. They are angry that Trump hasn’t conceded yet, and it’s driving them loco. Trump has every right to pursue the legal system until his time runs out. He doesn’t care what the left thinks of him. He’s still in charge and making smart decisions.

If not for Trump, there wouldn’t be a $2,000 stimulus check going out to those in need. The Democrats want all our money going to foreign countries. If not for Trump, there wouldn’t be millions of vaccines coming to a drugstore near us. Trump rushed the research into finding a vaccine and gets all the credit. If not for Trump, the whole country would be mandated into wearing masks and lockdowns. The only lockdowns and mask mandates are in blue states. Trump asked for everything to open up as well as schools.

If Trump leaves office we can say goodbye to sanity and caring and hello to corruption and greed as the Bidens only care about who’s going to line their pockets. They’ve been doing this for decades and old habits are hard to break. It’s the only way they know how to make money. I can assure you Biden will not donate his salary to charity like Trump has done for four years. They are greedy, selfish people but pretend to care about the wellbeing of the poor and unfortunate. They do not!


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