Baldwin’s Wife Used Fake Heritage to Advance Her Career.

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This is what some libs do. They fake their heritage in order to inflate themselves into the current trend which is Latino apparently. After seeing some of her tapes on television, she looks Jewish or Italian. I guess those heritages didn’t meet with her agenda. Now she’s claiming she is the combination of many nationalities. I don’t believe her. My husband is Jewish and his heritage came back 99% Jewish. She needs to make her 23 and Me test public. I bet money that she has zero Spanish blood, but that she vacationed in Spain with her parents once. Maybe her husband wanted to tell his sycophants that he married a Latino girl. Who knows, but it smells of Elizabeth Warren or that other woman who faked being Black by coloring her skin and perming her hair.

My Jewish brother-in-law went to England for a few years and has been speaking in English accent ever since. A couple of years in England and he comes back sounding like Paul McCartney! Compared to his 65 years in the U.S., I don’t think so. But he’s a big lib and that’s what they do. They aren’t happy with who they really are.

Hilary had on her bio that she was born in Spain. That makes her Spanish, right? Sounds exotic, right? Why not claim you were born in Mexico? Not cool enough? I think Alec is behind her charade. He couldn’t marry a cliché East Coast Jewish or Italian girl that attended an ivy league college. After all, he was married to Kim Basinger. But maybe it was her first name that attracted him to her, Hilary. Ugh. That name would send up red flags for me. Hillary is infamous for lying about her career and experience. Remarkably, her sham did put her on the cover of Latino Magazine. More than Melania got. I’m surprised she didn’t land a Spanish cooking show.

Apparently, Alec said on Letterman Show that his wife was born in Spain, they spoke part of their marriage vows in Spanish, and had a Piñata at their wedding. Wow. Didn’t he see his wife’s birth certificate before marrying her? Talk about pretending to be something you’re not! Way to fool your guests with your fake accent. And they call Trump a liar and phony. So you see, whoever cries the loudest about Trump is usually guilty of doing what they’re accusing him of. Like Swalwell accusing Trump of being in bed with Russia.

This kind of stuff makes me sick. What’s next, putting Jill Biden on the cover of MAYO Clinic Magazine donning a surgical gown and stethoscope? We should all hate phonies. Alec, ironically, has been making his career off of mocking Trump. So the couple are fake for a living. So while Alec is crying in his guesthouse for being isolated from his “Spanish” wife and kids, she just made them both look like laughing stocks in Hollywood. Taste of your own medicine, Alec? How does it taste? I smell a divorce.

I’m seeing a lot of karmic action lately starting with Congressman Swalwell. Things are starting to turn on their own against Trump’s biggest critics. Now if we can shine some sunlight on the likes of Tapper, Lemon, Maddow, Baher, DiNero, Pelosi, Schiff, and Brian Williams who have spread lies about the president, that should shut them up too.


One thought on “Baldwin’s Wife Used Fake Heritage to Advance Her Career.

  1. Nah. Hopes in vain. You know the church pastor who ran off with one of the Deacons’ wives. Subsequently welcomed back to the pulpit as after all “he is human.” Promptly then ran off with another Deacon’s wife. The affliction does not exclusively strike liberals. Shamelessness, greed, pomposity, and stupidity are free for the taking, but stupid seems most attractive. It is fashionable now to snatch-up what you can of all these goodies and especially easy after a good dose of “stupid.” What did Ron White say?


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