We’re Gonna Miss Him.

Boy, oh boy, will we ever. From the media to the democrats to the stock market to Hollywood to the world and to the rest of us, we’re all gonna miss him. Or as Nixon said it best upon departing, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.”




One thought on “We’re Gonna Miss Him.

  1. Donald Trump was, without question, the most effective and transparent Presidents of my lifetime. It’s so sad that the rabid media, and demonic Dems mounted such a vicious campaign against him. It’s obvious to anyone not blinded by partisan politics that his policies made the left look like morons, and that’s why they had to destroy him. He was a true American Patriot, a man with a vision that is no longer popular with lefties. He was a bright light that illuminated their corruption. Yes, he will be sorely missed by Patriots everywhere.

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