Capitol Breach is the New Waterpipe Break.

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They needed something to stop the objections to the certification of the electoral votes as Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz were wiping the floor with the Democrats’ lame excuse for why Biden won. It was all they could do to stop America from seeing the truth. Cause a diversion and clear out the joint. They probably had the Capitol Police working with them. An inside job. Unfortunately, one of the police got himself killed as well as an overzealous Trump supporter caught up with the imposters. And notice we are not hearing who killed the police officer. No doubt it was a BLM or Antifa member as if it was a Trump supporter, it would be front page news.

During the night of November 3, the Georgia counting room claimed there was a waterpipe break and everyone had to clear out, especially the observers. They shut down the joint but then changed their clothes and hairstyle and came back in. This was a premediated act. They then started dragging out suspicious suitcases of ballots from under a skirted table to erase the lead that Trump had. There was no waterpipe break, just a plugged toilet which could have been done on purpose.

Similarly, the Capitol Breach was used to erase the lead the GOP had in the debates. They were making too much sense and had to be stopped. They were eating Nancy’s lunch. Nancy was in control and remember she’s the one who tore up the State of the Union Speech. She’s a trickster. She is the leader of the B & B Party–Blackmail and Bribery and now Breaches. She pulled out her insurance plan.

Well played, Nancy. She got several rattled GOP senators to rescind their objection to the electoral votes once the session resumed in the evening hours.

Now the media is blaming Trump for the invasion? While Trump stood back and watched freedom lovers march to the Capitol, he had no idea it had become infiltrated with animals poorly disguised as Trump supporters. Anyone can carry a Trump flag. This is not who we are. We don’t trespass and destroy property although there were a few bad apples amongst them. The majority had to be agitators. Trump would never condone what happened. Never. But the left has been condoning and encouraging this behavior all year long in other cities and never got blamed. Why is that? While Trump urged for the end to violence and tried to send in the National Guard all year long he gets blamed now for inciting the mob. The double standard going on is blaring. Look to them for the leader of the invasion, not Trump.

They will now use this invasion as another excuse to try to impeach Trump. Wow! What a setup or as one woman talk radio caller said yesterday, “We got rolled!”

Capitol breach is the new waterpipe break.


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