Now that our Checks and Balances are gone…

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what’s in store for us? Our government is tilted to the far left now and the left has gone socialism. Who can stop them? Not the Senate, not the President, not even our Judas Supreme Court. We are screwed with Biden as President.

The U.S. Constitution is full of checks and balances of the three branches of government. The best example of checks and balances is that the president can veto any bill passed by Congress, but a two-thirds vote in Congress can override the veto.

Other examples include:

  • The House of Representatives has sole power of impeachment, but the Senate has all power to try any impeachment.
  • Any bills that intend to raise revenue must originate in the House of Representatives, but the Senate also has to approve the bill.
  • Congress has the power to set and collect any taxes or duties.
  • The president is commander-in-chief of the U.S. Army and Navy.
  • The president has the power to grant pardons and reprieves for crimes against the U.S. except in an impeachment.
  • The president can make treaties, but only with a two-thirds agreement from the Senate.
  • The House of Representatives and the Senate both have to pass the same bill before it can become a law.
  • The president can appoint Supreme Court judges, but the Senate must approve these choices.
  • Supreme Court judges have the power to declare presidential actions as unconstitutional.
  • The vice president is also automatically the president of the Senate.
  • Congress can amend the Constitution, which means they can override a Supreme Court decision.

We are outnumbered in all of the aforementioned except for our Judas Supreme Court which I hold solely responsible for where we are at today. They were pushed around by compromised Chief Justice John Roberts. Now we will have a president who is compromised by China.

We all know our election was stolen in plain sight and that Trump and his legal team were forbidden to obtain crucial evidence to show to the courts. The courts refused to hear what they did have: thousands of first hand accounts of the voter fraud from whistleblowers. Our tainted FBI turned a blind eye to the theft as well as the CIA and NSA. We are all alone in this fight with no government at any level able to help us.

The media has gone full tilt to the left including most of those on FOX News. Hannity is outnumbered and must have pressure everyday from the liberal owners of FOX to tone down his reporting or be fired. Hannity still has talk radio as well as Rush Limbaugh who is fighting cancer. The social medias are slowly banning every conservative from their system. This is suppression of free speech and no one seems to care. Newsmax seems to be the only news station that is reporting the truth about what went on in the election as well as at the Capitol.

So when we do come out to show our strength in numbers, we are hijacked by a few idiots that ruined our message together with Antifa. Now the stupid media is reporting that if it were BLM attacking the Capitol there would have been many more shot and killed? What are they talking about? BLM went all year long attacking every liberal city they could even outside the White House with little interference from the cops. They took over Seattle and the mayor called it the summer of love.

So when the left commandeers a police station or a downtown, they call it expressing their discontent. But when the Trump supporters demonstrate peacefully outside the Capitol it is called an insurrection. Rebellion and insurrection refer specifically to acts of violence against the state or its officers. This distinguishes the crime from sedition, which is the organized incitement to rebellion or civil disorder against the authority of the state.

We are all sick of the double standard so much that we can’t even turn on any news channels or radio news. I heard the radio news say, the Capitol was invaded by Trump supporters before they even knew who the trespassers were. They want them to be Trump supporters.

So where does this leave the rest of us? We have no branch of government representing us. The left are even going to try to punish conservatives that have supported Trump. They are vindictive, ruthless, dirty rotten scoundrels with no limit to their evil. It is really come down to good against evil. We are being run by evil.

I’m not worried about myself per se but my grown children and their future. Will they be able to stay employed and send their children to a school that teaches the truth about our history and learn good values? Or will they be taught in school to be anarchists that resist everything and revolt? This is where we are heading folks with no checks and balances. The left will be controlling our schools too. And our grandchildren are the future of America.

Fasten your seatbelts, we’ve got a rocky road ahead.

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