The Trump Vendetta.

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Pelosi is out for blood like a nasty mosquito. She must be so jealous of Trump’s popularity that she now wants to either have him removed from office using the 25th Amendment claiming he has lost his mental ability to be in office or another impeachment for inciting violence at the Capitol Building. But the real motive behind her madness is so that Trump will never be able to run again in four years.

Trump has never said that he wanted to run in four years just that he wanted to win fairly last year, but the election was stolen from him. Ironically, Trump is one of the few left in D.C. that is not insane! The Democrats should be gleeful if they really thought they had won this election, but the opposite is true. They are out for blood. They know Biden cheated and the truth will eventually hit the airwaves by hook or by crook. Biden will have to step down much like Nixon did and be replaced by the true winner, Trump. So they are going for a preemptive strike against Trump. Take him out before he has a chance to come back. This is how the crazy left thinks. They must be terrified.

This Operation Crossfire Preemptive Strike is coordinated with Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google to ban all conservative voices as well as put Parler out of business so conservatives have no say while this strike is going on. We are experiencing what communism is really like–one party rule stifling any other opinions. The socialist party, formerly known as the Democrat party, is showing their true colors. This is what some of you voted for.

Notice how the Democrats are using face masks to control us? These elected officials have mostly had their vaccines already but are still donning face masks. It seems to be a badge of honor for them to be wearing them or a form of brainwashing and they won’t stop. Nancy has the ugliest masks and wears them incessantly. I think her mental capacity is in question. Too much Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Nance?

Biden has already failed at one of his main presidential promises: to unite the country in order to heal. He promised to represent every man not just the Democrats. Does allowing the congress to try for another impeachment of Trump sound like uniting the country to you? Does trying to remove a sitting president in his last week of office sound like uniting the country to you? Of course not! Biden has no power, no ethics, no scruples, no decency, no empathy, and no honesty. He is an empty suit for the socialists to dictate whatever they want through him. It is a sad state of affairs our country is going through.

Some agitators that stormed the Capitol were actually recruited through Facebook by a BLM member who’s been arrested. Does Facebook shutdown these liberal agitators accounts? No. In fact, they encourage BLM and Antifa and have even let ISIS hold accounts; yet they have banned Trump and other conservatives from spreading so-called “hate” speech. To them, the truth is considered hate speech. This is ridiculous. If I were on Twitter or Facebook, I would close my accounts as a preemptive strike on them. If congress can’t shut them down, who will? Supreme Court? Yeah…I don’t think so.

Colin Powell saying he has left the Republican Party is a joke. This traitor left us the second he saw a Blackman running for president. He jumped on the Obama wagon and never looked back. I don’t care for one second what he thinks. He is blinded by his own race. For him not to see through what crimes Obama committed while in office shows that Powell is just another member of the Deep State. Good riddance to him.

So you see, Trump is receiving incoming fire from all sides and he likely has no way to speak out. It’s not Trump who is scorching the earth as he leaves, it is the Democrats. It’s not Trump ruining his legacy as he leaves, it is the Democrats trying to ruin his legacy. Trump has done nothing wrong. Speaking at a rally is not grounds for impeachment or removal from office. They want no memory of Trump even being in office; yet what they’re doing to him, will undoubtedly make Trump a martyr. They are out for blood. It is the Trump Vendetta.


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