Second Fake Impeachment? Is This All They Got?

Killer Grandma (2019 Lifetime) – Lifetime Uncorked
Deranged grannies.
Lifetime's 'Psycho In-Law' Movie And 'Rambo Grandma' True Story–Two Deadly  Tales – TV Crime Sky
I almost feel sorry for the House of Representatives.  So many great GOP members recently won but they're collectively looking like a herd of sheep led by a deranged granny akin to an actor in a Lifetime Movie.  The only thing missing is her wielding a large bloody kitchen knife.  But she does have blood on her hands after what she incited at the Capitol Building.  She called in her militant drones to disrupt the proceedings that weren't going her way and had several Capitol Police (who are currently under investigation) helping her.  One even committed suicide.  One congressman was caught on camera opening a backdoor to the mob. A planned and coordinated attack, not from Trump, but from the left.

President Trump would never try to pull off any sort of violent attack on any establishment. He is our law and order president. He loathes violence. He is one of the few presidents that didn’t go into any wars while in office. He loves peace and order. He was up for four Nobel Peace Prizes for the Middle East. Instead of condemning him for the acts of out of control idiots, he should be commended in his final days of a stolen election.

You see, whatever Pelosi accuses Trump of, she has committed herself. This has been the M.O. of the Democrat Party for the last five years. The militant drones were already amassing outside the Capitol Building while Trump’s lackluster speech was still going on and the GOP was kicking butt objecting to the electoral votes. Trump’s speech wasn’t finished until 1:15 but barricades had already been removed by security or breached by the mob prior to that. Trump asked for a peaceful gathering at the Capitol. That is not inciting violence. No grounds for impeachment. Sorry crazy lady. You lose.

The sudden feigned outrage over militant actors from the left is pitiful. They’ve had all last year to voice their outrage over the riots, lootings, destruction, and mayhem in our cities and remained silent. We ain’t buying it. The usual Trump supporters who have abandoned ship only care about themselves and probably only did prior to the Capitol incident. Trump knows who his true friends are now. So many Benedict Arnolds in the bunch. Trump did nothing wrong but the lame Democrats are fabricating some insurrection charge for their low IQ followers. And there are so many of them. [ Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) was an early American hero of the Revolutionary War (1775-83) who later became one of the most infamous traitors in U.S. history after he switched sides and fought for the British]

Joe Biden is a disaster already, and he’s not even in office yet. He and Cuomo look like fools. Cuomo is suddenly going against “science” and opening up his state saying we can no longer stay shutdown. We need to open up our economy. Really? Now that Biden thinks he has won, Cuomo and his goons will open up their economy? He alone has killed more people and bankrupted more companies than any single person in America. Cuomo should be arrested.

Biden foolishly announced that only women of color of all ages will be getting the vaccines first. So an unemployed, illegal 25 year old female who snuck into our country will be eligible for the vaccine over a White woman in her 70s. Biden is a reverse racist. He is punishing all White men and women in the high risk age. Biden should be impeached for insurrection of our election and inciting race division. He’s a sexist and a racist.

Now all conservatives are getting punished or cancelled for opposing to the certification of the electoral votes in two states? Citibank, that I use for my credit card, is cancelling donations to any senator or congressmen that opposed the certification? Maybe I’ll just cancel Citibank. This cancel culture is getting out of control. If Biden calls this kind of retaliation unifying the country then he needs to buy a dictionary or just stop lying. Biden has told more lies prior to taking office than Trump has in four years in office. Trump made promises and kept them.

No one is surprised that Rogue Vogue puts Kammie on the front cover. They are so jealous of Melania’s beauty and grace as First Lady that they had to ignore her for four years. No one can top Melania as First Lady not even Jackie Kennedy. But, of course, the left media and magazine industry is run by feminists who would never acknowledge a Republican woman. They hate Republican women more than they hate Trump. It is a sad state of affairs our country has turned into by letting the women’s movement get so much power. Women’s lib was created for those poor unfortunate gals who couldn’t get hired as an office typist. There had to be an outlet for them. Well…this brings us to today.

We got a bumbling, stammering, racist white guy who chose a radical, childless woman of color who slept her way to advance her career and represents everything feminists should abhor. But they don’t, because they are all hypocrites. But trying for another fake impeachment? If this is all they got, they need to go back to the well, as Ted Cruz once famously said.


3 thoughts on “Second Fake Impeachment? Is This All They Got?

  1. Nancy Pelosi hates Donald Trump with a vengeance. She wants to impeach him so he can’t run again in 2024, she wants to kill him once and for all. She dreams of him coming back to life like the Terminator.

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