Banks, Social Media, and Some GOP are Banning Trump.

Trump Watch | NRDC
Why Twitter says it banned President Trump | TechCrunch

Cancel culture is now being used by some businesses and the GOP. The way some companies and GOP are treating President Trump is so ungrateful it will surely backfire on them. The banks that are refusing to do business with Trump will get thousands of accounts closed, their stock plummet, and reputation ruined. Social media is already experiencing this backlash and there will be more. Liz Cheney might as well join the Democrat Party. She’s done. She made a grave error in judgment by jumping ships and calling it voting her conscience. If that’s her conscience then she needs to grow a new one.

If it weren’t for President Trump some of these social media companies wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground like Twitter. Trump had the most followers on their platform and now, out of spite, they cancel his account along with all other conservative accounts. It’s clear to everyone that the socialist Democrats want only one party, one voice, one opinion. And that they want to erase any mention of voter fraud or stolen election from the minds of America. But that ain’t gonna fly with conservatives. We have long memories.

Yesterday the MSM news networks didn’t show a Presidential Oval Office Message. Probably the first time in history an Oval Office Message got blacked out. It was a beautiful message of peace and what Trump wants America to know. He has always been against violence and would never, ever incite it. Google has been our “go to” search engine but I feel it is banning some searches. I looked for a Biden speech but it was nowhere to be found. They are all suppressing the news.

McConnell better grow some you know what and dismiss or postpone the Impeachment Trial as irrelevant and punitive. Why impeach a president after he has already finished out his term? Unheard of. They just want to leave an everlasting stain on the president whereby he will lose some supporters. Trump’s previous lawyers for the impeachment have shown no interest in this second one. What does this mean? I don’t know. Maybe they know something we don’t. Maybe something bigger is going on behind the scenes whereby Trump will not need defending in the Senate. An impeachment trial is nothing more than a show trial for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. She has gone bonkers and so has the House.

The Capitol is gearing up for a major disruption during the Biden Inauguration. They have brought in thousands of National Guard to sleep in the hallways. I thought the left said the National Guard incites violence. I guess not when Biden is president. Regardless, it looks ridiculous and is overkill. Now they have security whereby during the most important hearing of the year, they had a handful of security guards. Something evil is going on in our country and I fear for the future. We are not getting the truth from anyone, especially now that Trump is banned from all forms of communication except for the press core on the lawn outside the White House.

At the rate this cancel culture and lack of freedom of speech is going, I can foresee NPR being the only talk radio left on the airwaves and Hannity packing his boxes at FOX. Doesn’t the left realize that this is a form of DISCRIMINTATION. They always cared about any group being discriminated against. Well…now it’s conservatives being discriminated against. Maybe we can file discrimination lawsuits. I would, if I got fired from a job for going to a Trump rally. Are there any conservative lawyers brave enough to take these cases? Anyone? Anyone?

Lastly, if this is what Biden calls uniting America and representing all Americans he has broken his promise before even taking office. If he really had any integrity and decency like he ran on, he would have objected to the impeachment proceedings; but he has none. He is nothing more now than a sock puppet run by the likes of Pelosi. This is who the left stole the election for? Careful who you cheat for.


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