“Impeachment” Punishment Has Been Reduced in Severity to that of a Parking Ticket.

yellow fire hydrant on street

The Democrats and some suicidal Republicans have watered down the power of impeachment by fabricating a crime that didn’t happen and using it against Trump. Sound familiar? Yes, it does because they’ve done this before with the Ukraine phone call hoax. They are giving out impeachments like candy on Halloween now. No evidence was presented in the House today that proved or even implied that Trump incited an insurrection at the Capitol. Notice they chose a big word “insurrection.” Riot wasn’t catchy enough because we’ve gone all year with riots and no one cared. So they changed the name to insurrection! Nadler called it a MAGA Civil War! Whoa! Gee a civil war that lasted about an hour. Remarkable! Trump’s speech (which no one cared to play) only asked that they march to the capitol peacefully and patriotically. That is not inciting violence, and they know it.

So what was it that incited violence? Was it the word march? Of course not! This has been in the making for some time. What these goons decided to do at the Capitol was planned days or weeks ahead of time regardless of what was said at the rally. Evidenced on camera these agitators came with weapons, kneepads, body armor, and climbing equipment. The FBI was fully aware of them coming. In fact, mysterious large white vans came into town the night before escorted by the D. C. Police and suspicious characters got off. They weren’t Trump supporters. This leads me to believe this was an inside job financed by the likes of Soros, Obama, Hillary, or Pelosi. As past is prologue, those are the usual suspects. History books will reflect on this day in history when Trump got attacked by congress for nothing. It was a total embarrassment. It’s like a Seinfeld episode “Impeachment about nothing.” It’s another impeachment “about nothing.”

Oh sure, some of the Democrats spoke passionately today about Trump. It just showed us their pent up hate for the man and nothing more. Just because they say it, doesn’t make it true. They are all lying. There wasn’t one witness brought in to testify what went down at the Capitol. Not one firsthand account from a Trump attendee. I’ve heard from several of them over the radio and tv. Most of them said it was a peaceful gathering that got infiltrated by agitators prior to the speeches ending and that the police opened the doors to let them inside the Capitol. Many Trumpers tried to stop the agitators by yelling and pulling them off the windows and doors, etc.

Liz Cheney is looking to run for president in 2024 and just became a Judas in order to do so. She wants to take out Trump. She must have had one nice meeting with JEB and Cheney families. The only ones that have incited violence this year have been Maxine Waters, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and we have them on tape. In fact, Maxine has threatened to assassinate the president only yesterday. Back in my day, anyone that threatened the president was promptly arrested. Not these days. The left gets away with threatening murder while Trump gets impeached “about nothing.”

I think levelheaded Americans are starting to see through what is going on. If not, they haven’t been watching. It is clear as day. Hunter Biden’s laptop will be Joe Biden’s undoing. It is just taking longer than we expected. Trump’s second fake impeachment will have about as much effect on him as getting a parking ticket.

Stay tuned.


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