“President” Believes Open-Borders Strengthen Our Country…

Image result for images of caravans coming to mexican border
Illegals heading to U.S. Border

and economy and many business leaders across the country have said the same thing, according to Pippi Longstocking as she nervously pulls at her red strands of hair and rubs the side of her nose. She doesn’t even believe what she’s saying.

In what world would this strengthen our economy by flooding the already tenuous U.S. job market with illegals competing for those pesky computer coding jobs with the displaced Keystone Pipeline construction workers? Business leaders have said an open border allowing illegals to flow in during a pandemic from South America strengthens our economy? What country are they living in? Of course they don’t call it open borders. They call it “humane and moral immigration system” which is euphemistic for “foreigners crossing our borders illegally and detained in comfortable confinement tents” (versus those inhumane cages that Obama built but were blamed on Trump).

Let’s get one thing clear: O’Biden incentivized illegals with promises of free healthcare, stimulus checks, amnesty, and incense and popsicles. They will flood our already sketchy school system which fails to reopen, incompetent healthcare system, frustrated teachers who don’t speak their language, and our homeless and crime problem. It is a recipe for disaster. Trump was heading in the right direction with the wall, but it has all come to a halt. Bordering properties are already feeling insecure as illegals are sneaking over with no law enforcement to stop them. I suspect ICE is being dismantled as I write.

O’Biden sat through a Vaccine Center zoom meeting like a kid with ADD. He couldn’t listen or sit still for very long and started to jot down notes on small pieces of paper as he wiggled in his seat. Then when he had a chance to speak he asks the nine-year-career nurse if she was a freshman in college. Whoa! Sexist, flirtatious, and creepy all in one. Frat-boy Joe is almost back to his old tricks. He attempted them via zoom. He wishes someone would just invent smellavision or sniffazoom already. But I digress…

O’Biden also ended Trump’s flight bans from terror hotbed countries allowing them to enter our country adding to covid numbers and possible future terror attacks. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming: Shampeachment.


The House Managers begin with Congressman Raskin who hypocritically objected to the electoral votes in the 2016 election. Shocker! Then he shows a video showing Antifa and BLM breaking through barriers, climbing walls, and claiming it is Trump supporters yelling the F word and attacking police. These were experienced thugs not Trump supporters. They wore camouflage, skull shirts, backpacks, and hoodies. Sorry House, fool us once, shame of you; fool us twice, shame on us; we ain’t buying it. Then they show McConnell’s anti-Trump speech but not Jordan’s and Cruz’s which laid out the election fraud clear and precisely. Seriously, why would Trump want to interrupt a hearing that was going in his favor? He wouldn’t. So no motive.

If these trespassers thought Trump told them to do that, then they are pretty dumb. He would never. Trump supporters have always been peaceful and never say mother f–kers or burn this down or f–k the police. That is the language of BLM. Trump supporters respect law and order. This crowd was infiltrated by thugs some wearing MAGA hats, horns, confederate and American flags. It was a set up from the get go and I believe the corrupt FBI was involved. They dressed as they thought Trump supporters would; but their age, camouflage, language, horns, confederate flags, and backpacks were a dead giveaway to anyone with a brain. But the Democrats are behind it, so they have to play along.

Listening to Democrat House Managers speaking is like watching paint dry. They misinterpret the constitution so badly, it’s not worth covering. Here’s a few of their comments: Trump sought to overturn an election that has been upheld by every single court. Wow! In fact, 14 of Trump’s election lawsuits have been won in court but has not been reported by the fake news media. Trump’s statements about election fraud sought to incite violence. He targeted the Vice President. He incited armed violence against the government of the United States of America. Singularly responsible for inciting it. Wow! It was a planned attack which the FBI knew of days ahead. Not by a speech, not by Trump. Planned by loons.

Raskin went on to say that one in the mob used the American flag to attack a police officer. He inferred that it was a Trump supporter but notice they never actually say it. Why? Because it wasn’t a Trump supporter. Sure sounds like Antifa to me. The fact is, the Democrats want you to think that Trump supporters are evil so they hint that it was a Trump supporter. I guess that makes Tom Brady evil. Jon Voight and Clint Eastwood evil. But they aren’t. They are good people with common sense together with 74 million others that believe in Trump’s innocence. Trump was set up. Set up like he was during the Russian Collusion and Ukraine hoax. If he’s guilty of anything, it’s being too trusting of the Democrats.

Never trust a Democrat politician. That’s a good rule of thumb to live by. We trusted Pelosi, Newsom, and Cuomo and look what we got. Some are trusting O’Biden and look what we are going through today. O’Biden is a vindictive, cruel lifetime politician that has years of resentment oozing out of him. He’s no doubt enjoying this revenge shampeachment. He ran on “unity” but we are only seeing “lunacy.”

From the Constitution: “Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States.” So without the removal there can be no disqualification. Without the phrase or retroactive removal from office, case closed. But the House Dems and a few RINOs didn’t see it that way. Why do we keep voting in Collins and MacKlosky? Get rid of them. They are Judases.


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