When will Karma Kick the Bidens’ Butts?

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They have been getting away with dishonest practices for years. I thought crime didn’t pay, but in their family it seems it does. They are a crime syndicate family that is surrounding itself with more criminals in the cabinet. Every time I turn on the news, I hear of another scam or sham or unconstitutional doings of the Biden Administration.

Today, for instance, they plan to fire every U.S. Attorney that Trump appointed. Gee, why didn’t we think of that when Trump was in office? Why? Because Trump goes about business according to the Constitution. The Democrats are trying to rewrite or disrespect the constitution like they did during the Shampeachment yesterday.

We have a man with ties to Communist China chosen by Biden to head the CIA. Are you kidding me? We have a senator literally in bed with Communist China speaking at the Shampeachment in the Senate. You can’t make this stuff up. We have a senator serving as judge in the Shampeachment Trial that has already proclaimed Trump guilty. That’s grounds for a mistrial before it starts. We have Biden’s son making money on a book deal while being under investigation by the FBI. We have House Managers lying through their teeth in order to prosecute Trump for a crime he didn’t commit nor was he anywhere nearby unless he communicated through mental telepathy. In fact, one of the films they showed as evidence of insurrection was actually filmed by a leader of BLM enticing the crowd to breakdown the doors to the Capitol. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s all a set up.

Any Trump supporters that got arrested and blamed their actions on Trump were just trying to get out of legal hot water. It was their only defense to what they did: blame Trump and they might believe it. Apparently they did. After all, the Dems have been blaming Trump for four years for everything. Why not try to get off by using Trump as their scapegoat? We are all responsible for our own actions. If someone tells us to jump off a bridge; that’s on us, not them. We were taught that in kindergarten. But the House Managers seem to think the opposite. The crowd was not responsible for their actions, only Trump was. It is the most ludacris excuse I’ve ever heard. No one makes us rob a bank, murder, or break into a building. No one. Case closed.

With this reasoning we can blame Biden and Harris for all the riots that took place last year. They encouraged them, if not, sponsored them. We have them on record telling the rioters to continue rioting even after the election. We have them on record agreeing with defunding the police. I never heard BLM or Antifa brought up today or George Soros who sponsored some of the attackers at the Capitol.

I couldn’t listen to today’s speakers as they were throwing everything on the wall hoping something would stick. They even brought up Trump supporters driving next to a Biden bus last year before the election. They are grabbing at straws and putting everything but the kitchen sink into their case against Trump. It is sad to watch. I think they are overplaying their hand. They realize Trump’s speech didn’t incite violence so they are looking for other charges. They think Trump supporters are a bunch of uninformed morons that first heard of election fraud that day. I guess they hadn’t seen any Trump assemblies since the election.

Of course the fake news media is carrying the water for the Biden Administration while Pippi Longstocking is thwarting off softball questions from the adoring press core. We are living in a fantasy world. Nothing is as it seems. Nothing is real. Biden isn’t real. He’s an empty suit with something making it walk or trip. He’s fake from the top of his head to the bottom of his shoes. I don’t know where we’re heading but it’s looking bad. I’m counting on karma to kick in.

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