The Inconvenient Truth…

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that the Democrats refuse to hear is that the presidential election was stolen from Trump. The Big Lie is that the “stolen election” is a big lie. See how they turn the tables on Trump? Without the tricks done in many liberal election precincts that brought Biden’s totals way over Trump’s count, Trump would have won in a landslide. All statisticians and mathematicians say it was mathematically and statistically impossible for the vote tallies to change as they did overnight and all at the same precise moment and by the exact percentage. This, therefore, is overwhelming proof that the election was stolen by rigged, programmed computers. Case closed.

What happened on election night would be akin to winning a huge jackpot on a slot machine (which are programmed computers) then suddenly when you’re about to cash in, the amount you won dropped in half. Wouldn’t you be upset and call for service attendants to check what happened to your machine? Of course you would. You’d have them look at the recorded information inside to prove that your money was stolen by a glitch in the machine. It’s reversal of fortune. The House Managers tried to downplay voter fraud saying that nothing the courts would find could overturn the election. First off, how do they know that? And, secondly, the courts refused to see the evidence. It would be like the casino brushing you off and not checking the inside of the slot machine. No one wanted to touch this case of widespread voter fraud–not even the Supreme Court. It was like a hot potato. And therein lies the problem. The Supreme Court hung us out to dry.

The main evidence in favor or Trump’s innocence is that he’s a peace loving guy. He ran on getting out of wars, bringing home our troops, four peace agreements in the Middle East, eliminating the threat of ISIS and North Korea, building up our defense, and respecting our police. He never once disrespected the police or would have anything to do with a plot to cause violence. It’s just not him. If past is prologue, he is innocent. He was reviled by all the violence caused by BLM and Antifa all last year and frequently tried to send in the National Guard but was rebuked by their mayors. When Senator McCarthy called Trump during the breach asking for him to stop the invaders, “Trump said those aren’t my followers. Those are Antifa and BLM.” How could he call off a group of thugs who want to kill him? He wouldn’t be able to. He does not have control of anyone for that matter.

All that the GOP wanted to happen on January 6th was an audit in the suspect states but the mob that intruded the Capitol put a stop to that. We were objecting to Arizona’s electoral votes when the capitol got attacked. Democrats don’t want us to know the truth. It is too inconvenient for them. What did Nancy know and when did she know it? American people didn’t decide the last election. Dishonest people did. Period. Case closed.

One last question. Why was it okay for hundreds of thousands of disgruntled pink hat ladies to come to D.C. after the inauguration of Trump and stand up on podiums with a mic saying, “I think of blowing up the White House.” No one was charged with inciting violence that day. That was okay with the Democrats to threaten a sitting president; but when Trump says, “March peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol to let your voice be heard” this is inciting an insurrection? When Senator Hawley’s wife and family were accosted by a mob outside their home, that was okay with the Democrats. When the GOP baseball game got attacked by a gunman who used to volunteer for Bernie Sanders, that was okay with the Democrats. Bernie was never charged with inciting that violence with his vitriolic speeches. When a couple’s gate was broken down last year by the mob and were threatened to be killed and have their home burned, that was okay with the Democrats.

The bottom line is: The Democrats have been inciting violence and threatening lives with their speech all year long and no one holds them accountable. But when Trump gives a rally-like speech which he has done all last year, suddenly his speech is inciting an insurrection? I don’t think so. Neither is speaking about election fraud which has been in the news since November 3rd. Everyone has spoken of election fraud. Are we all going to be arrested? Of course not.

This trial is a sham from the get go and the Democrats know it. It’s an embarrassment to our country. They are smokescreening their poor excuse for a president who goes out onto the White House lawn with his wife, two “rescue” dogs, and large props of hearts put in the grass and stands there like a zombie. Something is going on with him and we need to get our focus back on the real problem. Joey Biden. Joey’s not all there. That’s a real inconvenient truth. And “the stolen election” being a big lie is The Big Lie.


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