Can Pelosi be Impeached?

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She set a trap for Trump to step in.

What did she know and when did she know it? I contend that she wanted to set a trap for Trump to step in. I contend that she got intelligence of the planned breach and sent home many capitol police and then turned down requests for the FBI. I contend that she wanted the objections by the GOP to the electoral votes to be interrupted. I contend that she planned a second impeachment of Trump and needed a reason for one so she set him up. I contend that she used her drones to invite members of Antifa and BLM to infiltrate Trump’s peaceful assembly. I contend that she knew two hundred thousand Trump supporters were coming to D.C. and she wanted to punish them too.

I contend she told the capitol police to let the first crowd into the capitol for a photo op to use later against Trump. I contend that she then told them to lock the doors, locking out the agitators which angered them to break in. I contend that the two officers that apparently committed suicide did so out of guilt to be part of what occurred. I contend that they were told to pepper spray peaceful Trump supporters in order to anger them. I contend that she wanted this day to go down in history as the worst day in American history to blame on Trump.

Unfortunately Trump fell into her trap. If he’d known how devious and evil she really was, maybe he would have held his assembly at a different time period or another day. Pelosi needs to be investigated. She planned this ahead of time in order to use the fear that was put into some of the congressmen against Trump. She figured they’d all vote Trump guilty. What the House Managers presented in the trial was unconstitutional and should have been a mistrial from the onset. Nothing Trump said incited diddlysquat so they had to bring everything Trump has ever tweeted as their reason for impeachment. But Nancy lost again. The U.S. Constitution won yesterday. The videos shown by Trump’s lawyers said it all without uttering a word. Hypocrisy of the Dems.

Trump was an outsider who won for president twice. It irked Nancy to no end. It irks Biden. They can’t stand to lose to an outsider. Trump was too real, honest, and authentic for them. He did what he promised and didn’t bait and then switch like the Democrats do. It was all too much for them to handle. He had to go. So for the last four years they’ve tried everything they could to bring Trump down and failed. So then came the election fraud and capitol breach to top it off. All they’ve done is make themselves look like petty liars, cheaters, and revenge seekers. Not sure what is next for Trump. Wish they’d just let him continue with his legal audits in six states. Whether it makes a difference remains to be seen. But the truth has to come out at some point. They just can’t get away with it.

Nancy was for the rioters before she was against them. She once said, People do what people will do when asked what she thought of looters i.e. brushing it off as nothing. She also said, she doesn’t see why there’s not more civil unrest in the country and that she doesn’t care about statues. Well.. we don’t care about Nancy Pelosi would like to see her investigated and impeached. What goes around, comes around. The grief she has given Trump will undoubtedly come back to her.


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