Forget the Acquittal! What About Schools, Stimulus, and Jobs?

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Did America forget that people are suffering from over a year of shutdowns? When will schools across the nation reopen? When will those that have lost their jobs or their businesses get a stimulus check to hold them over? When will companies fearful of covid reopen? I ask myself this every morning. When can we see light at the end of the tunnel?

The smokescreen the Democrats put up in the form of a breach of the capitol and the subsequent shampeachment was just to take our eyes off of the ball. The ball is the new administration which is doing nothing to make things better. If anything they are just signing executive orders out the ying-yang to ruin our country and standing on the White House lawn surrounded by valentine props. This does nothing for us! From men participating in women’s sports to the opening of our southern borders to the cancelling of Keystone Pipeline and the Wall, we will be in for a world of hurt soon.

We want all our schools to reopen, a stimulus check approved that doesn’t reward illegals, and jobs to safely reopen across America. We want our borders enforced so that illegals do not pour over. But what do I hear in the news? Nikki Haley and McConnell distancing themselves from Trump. Big whoop! Get in line. Most politicians are only out for themselves and usually bite the hand that has fed them. Nikki thinks this is the way to garner favor with the establishment GOP for her run in 2024 and take out her opponent at the same time. She’s always been a Trump flipflopper. What do you think the shampeachment was about? Taking out Kammie’s or O’Biden’s opponent depending on who’s left standing in the White House.

There are some strong future candidates that stuck to their convictions and supported Trump throughout his shampeachments and those are Senator Hawley, Paul, Cruz, Congressman Gaetz, Jordan, and Governor DeSantis. All of them could give Trump a run for his money in 2024 or run without Trump challenging them. Our real problem is not who will run but our election system. If something isn’t done nationally to correct it, we will get the next election stolen too.

How does one get acquitted from an unconstitutional impeachment? You can’t. It shouldn’t even go down in the history books. The only murder that took place was by a capitol policeman and he’s not charged with murder because he killed an unarmed white Trump supporter. If she had been black and with BLM, the story would be different. They need to shut up. We should ignore the acquittal as it doesn’t hold water and focus on reopening our country up for business! The media gets sucked in by the Democrats nonsense and needs to wake up. Tell your governor and senator guests to reopen our schools, businesses, and approve a stimulus bill! Stop talking about Trump! He can handle himself.

One last thing. The House Managers were overcome by emotion from the so-called insurrection yet yesterday Trump’s lawyer that won the case for him had his home attacked by a mob of rioters. They broke out his windows and spray painted his house and driveway with awful words. Where are those House Managers today condemning this behavior? They are nowhere to be found because they are a bunch of hypocritical fake liars. They called Trump supporters “the mob” over and over during the fake trial and the real mob is running loose and causing havoc. Who incited them? Nancy? Can Nancy be impeached? Attacking Trump’s lawyer was totally retaliatory and someone should be held responsible.


2 thoughts on “Forget the Acquittal! What About Schools, Stimulus, and Jobs?

  1. I’m just sick over all this! The Dem(wits)s have figuratively taken the US Constitution and wiping their behinds with it. Creepy Pedo-Joe cheats his way into the WH with so much evidence floating around that PROVES the Demwits cheated. Then he sign a slew of EOs to wreck our economy and Leftist mobs attack people’s homes to retaliate and be let out of jail free.

    How is this being allowed to continue? Why isn’t the military taking over and arresting these criminals? Why are they just sitting back and allowing this to happen?

    They’re not even hiding it now. The Left is doing this out in the open and right in front of our faces. That’s concerning!

    Surely something will be done soon! Surely! Because this cannot go on!

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