Covid: A Real-Life Boogeyman.

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Sure, it’s killed lots of people. But so has cancer, HIV, the flu, pneumonia, car accidents, alcohol, drugs, abortion, floods, ice storms, hurricanes, and heart attacks. But the fear of catching covid is becoming a mental disease in itself. Some people I know have changed their way of life so much that I don’t think they can recover from covid fear. They wear masks everywhere and won’t let anyone come to their front door. They are living in a real life horror movie.

They won’t even let family members sit in their yard with a mask on. They make their children get tested before they come to visit. And they aren’t even in the high risk age–early 60s. Some of the women in this category will verbally mask-sham strangers outside of stores, in parking lots, and on walking paths. One woman shook her head like a bobblehead if you got within six feet of her in a store while wearing a mask. Nothing will allay the fear in these types of fearmongering weirdos.

To date we have heard of no friend or family member that have contracted covid. A “friend of a family member” or “friend of a friend” is about it. I believe the covid numbers of deaths have been overreported by hospitals in order to bilk money from Medicare, and the government is condoning it as it fits their narrative. I’m sure the covid case numbers are exaggerated. Friends of ours have had surgery, gone on vacations, dental cleanings, skiing, parties, gambling, public pools, and indoor dining and have survived catching covid. But their children can’t go to school! The school closures are unhealthy. Teachers are using covid to be lazy, and the school unions are protecting them. Defund school unions.

Obiden is adding to the fear with mask mandates and telling us covid might be gone by Christmas. Really? Christmas? He’s out of his mind. In North and South Dakota people are living normally, and they didn’t have lockdowns, masks, and school closures. They have herd immunity already. We need to get some of the herd immunity but Obiden won’t let us. They want to keep control of us and this is a form of mental control: the covid boogeyman.

This fear of catching covid is long lasting and could affect adults for quite some time. I don’t see these affected people acting normal even after covid is long gone. It has gone to their heads. Some take it to extreme like they do other things in their lives. They have fear of red meat, fear of dairy products, and now fear of covid. Frankly, if I did end up going to their home; it would be so restrictive, it wouldn’t be enjoyable.

Nothing more sad than seeing a five year old wearing a mask outdoors at a playground. It is distressing to me. I feel the cities are hurting our children. Nothing more sad than seeing a photo Christmas card with all family members wearing masks. Nothing more sad than seeing a woman driving alone donning a mask. Nothing more sad than seeing anyone wearing a mask while hiking alone in the Sierra mountains. Nothing more sad than seeing construction workers outside all donning masks. Nothing more sad than seeing children and teenagers sitting home on a laptop trying to learn. We will become a nation of sheep if this continues. We have to stand up to these draconian rules at some point.

I’ve been vaccinated but still have to wear a mask?! This is bullsh-t. I will wear one in a store just to avoid a scene, but will pull it down when no one’s around. How will we ever get herd immunity if this continues? We won’t. And this is what they want. Fear of an imaginary boogeyman to last forever. This way they will keep control of us all. They are using fear to manipulate us into compliance to do and act like they want.


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