The More they Cancel Trump, the Higher his Stock Rises!

Trump Stock soaring.

By the time the left is done erasing every fingerprint Trump left in D.C., his stock will rise to 90% approval rating. They are only turning Trump into a martyr. They want to forbid him from his resting place in Arlington’s Cemetery with other presidents. They want to cancel his pension and his secret service. They want to demolish all his buildings and remove his name from existence.

They cancelled a golf tournament at a Trump golf course. They want to indict him for inciting an insurrection as a private citizen. They tried to get the city to disapprove of him living in Mar-a-Lago. They had already threatened him to not come back to his Trump Tower quarters. They even demolished his helipad in Palm Beach so he won’t get any ideas of running again. Why? Because he was too successful as an outsider president and they can’t stand to be outdone or upstaged. These are sick people.

The left is behaving like a deranged teenage girl in high school that didn’t get picked for prom queen. They want revenge against the one who did. They are behaving like bullies. Governor Cuomo has been acting like a bully and finally got caught. They are vindictive, jealous, vengeful humans. Almost an alien breed of mutants. I’ve never seen anything like this before. O’Biden and Harris are in this group. It is an embarrassment to our country and will leave a stain. Now they are suspending every capitol police that supported President Trump. They should be suspending Nancy who asked the police to let the crowd inside the capitol. Makes me wonder if someone killed the Trump-supporting officer that died after January 6th. Maybe he knew too much. This is how the Clinton’s operate.

O’Biden recently said that Blacks and Hispanics aren’t savvy enough to know how to go online to find out where to get their vaccines. If Trump had ever said that as president it would be all over. They’d claim he was a white supremist and bigot and probably storm the White House like the left did to the capitol. But we hear crickets from the left when O’Biden, who is clearly a bigot, admits it. O’Biden uses Blacks as props just like his valentine cutouts. If O’Biden was for Blacks he wouldn’t open up the borders, make the minimum wage $15, and keep our schools closed. Hijacking cars and shootings are way up in Chicago due to Black teenagers not in school. He just needs the Black vote then he does nothing to help them out. Blacks are nothing more than a photo op for him.

What’s going on in Texas is God’s way of telling us that solar and wind power is not enough. We need to insulate our electric grids so they do not freeze. O’Biden has no plans to visit the desperate people in Texas. This is O’Biden’s Katrina. If this was Trump, they’d be screaming from the rooftops like they did to Bush. Remember when Trump visited Puerto Rico and tossed a roll of paper towels to someone in the back of the crowd? It was cute, but the media jumped all over it as callous and insensitive. Well…where’s the media now? This Texas ice storm is a glimpse into the future for the rest of America too that the green new steal is not going to work out so well.

O’Biden wants to keep funding the lab in China (like he and Obama did before) that produced and unleashed the covid-19 pandemic. This proves to me that they want another strain of virus to be created and unleashed before the next election. Bioweapons are the new nuclear threat. These are sick radicals running our country right now. We all have to be careful. I’m waiting for my naïve Democrat friends to complain about what is going on, but so far I hear nothing. I guess they haven’t been watching or are just reading the fawning New York Times.

We miss you Rush Limbaugh. Our mornings won’t be the same without you. You were always the voice of reason.


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