Defund School Unions!

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When the school union workers take a pay cut, maybe then and only then will they allow the schools to reopen. We don’t really need school unions. Teachers don’t need to be in a union. Let’s abolish school unions altogether and see how they like it.

These excuses they are using to keep the schools closed are an absolute joke: ventilation systems, mask mandates, vaccinations, and hybrid sessions. The real reason they want schools closed is they are trying to control us. If the children aren’t learning anything, we’ll have a generation of dummies which are real easy to control because they will be dependent on the government for their existence. This is getting sicker by the day.

They want small businesses to go under and corporations to thrive. They want restaurants to go under and fast food joints to thrive. They want to cancel conservative news and social media and keep liberal news alive. Why is that? They do not want any opposition to their control of us. This is communist America.

They want to encourage anarchists in the streets and arrest and teargas conservative assembly. They want a military style wall around their headquarters and removal of the wall at our borders. They want to have protection but they don’t want the people to have any. They want to defund our police and ICE and take away our guns but use the National Guard to protect themselves. This is sick.

They are screening our Facebook and Twitter comments and will send the police to your home if they don’t like what they read. Big Tech will cancel your account if they don’t like what they see. Newspapers won’t print conservative comments online after an article. They want total control of what America hears, sees, and reads. This is Communist America.

They are trying to divide the country up by race again. They speak of white supremacy and white nationalist like this is a big problem. The only problem we have is with BLM and Antifa roaming the streets at night and threatening businesses and homes. They are spreading lies about white privilege among blacks to make them hate us. They want to reward illegals entering our country and punish our citizens. They want to jail conservatives and bail liberals out of jail. These are sick people doing this.

They want us to wear masks for the rest of our lives like in China. This is a form of control. They think if they can control us to be robots walking around wearing masks like idiots then they can just about make us do anything. Sounds similar to what the Nazis did to the Jews. Conservatives are the New Jews. North and South Dakota have not had lockdowns, mask mandates, and school closures and this has allowed for herd immunity to take place and their covid cases have diminished.

Now Bill Gates is trying to get rid of cows. They want to tell us what to eat now. Cancel Bill Gates’ Microsoft stock, defund the school unions, call your county auditor’s office and ask them to take school bonds off your bill, and recall your communist-acting governors. We want our children back in school. They are the future of America. Defund these school unions!

May Rush Limbaugh rest in peace. He will be sorely missed. He was my friend each morning. He was great at reporting the truth and always 99.6% correct. We’ll never forget him.


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