Missing Trump Today; More Than Ever.

We Need Him Back.

I feel at a loss to do anything about saving our country short of elections which are now considered fraudulent and will be from here on out. The lies we are hearing from the current administration are mounting and appalling. The way our police are being targeted and anyone that supports the police is disgraceful. The mixed messages about whether or not to wear a mask is derelict in duty to inform the public truthfully. And making our children wear them while keeping them out of school is child abuse! Now we are hearing the socialcrats won’t take off their masks for fear of being labeled a Republican (which is code for having common sense). Heaven forbid someone thinks they are smart. This is an example of biting off your nose to save your face–now called covering your face to save disgrace.

The sports commentators together with Hollywood and the media are covering for this lame brain president making me ask myself, “What world am I living in?” more often than I like. I can’t watch the commercials even. They are dumbing down America while having actors wearing masks. They are also making unnecessary public announcements warning us about attacks on Asians. But do they say who’s committing those attacks? No, of course not, because it is BLM and Antifa to appear like it is Trump supporters.

We are getting maligned and smeared across the board from social media to sports to the news and the newspapers. They are sending out subliminal, as well as blatant, messages that conservatives or Trump supporters should be eliminated while they are trying to make Biden look like a saint. Even Pelosi said she’d never forgive us. For what? Telling the truth? Then we have traitor Mitt Romney who is a disgrace to the GOP together with Liz Cheney. Those two need to go as well as Flipflop Fauci.

More and more I feel we are being run by a very, very corrupt government sounding more like communism than ever. But do we have any way to stop it? How can it be stopped when they have control of all our medias and the congress? And our former leaders and Supreme Court are cowardice and soon to be packed. I’m afraid, I’m very afraid of where we’re heading.

That’s why I miss President Trump and Rush Limbaugh daily. Trump was the most persecuted president in history; but was also the most successful, and therein lies their secret. The socialcrats don’t want our country to succeed nor any of its citizens. They want us to be a third world country like Venezuela. Why? So the richest of them can stay in power and make us all poor and dependent on them for every morsel of food.

Sounds like a villainous cartoon movie whereby Pelosi plays an evil queen dropping food over the gates of her castle to the poor. But is where we’re heading. Why else would they try to keep our children from learning in school? Why else would they increase unemployment checks making them higher than one received at work? They want us unemployed and dependent. We are their future dependents along with the illegals pouring in and the uneducated children whose parents are forced to stay home to watch them rather than to return to work.

It’s all part of their big plan which they have been scheming for years. It started with political correctness which we stupidly fell for then came the bioweapon unleashed from China which was the feather that broke our country’s back. We still haven’t heard the end to that scheme or who was behind it (cough) Gates, Fauci, Obama, Biden. We either didn’t see this takeover coming or stepped into it big time. That’s why I miss Trump more than ever, as he called them out for what they were. No holds barred. But it takes more than one man to defeat this takeover, and that’s why he’s out of power. He had no support from the governors, the courts, the judges, not even his own VP. It’s a crying shame. :'<(

Defund School Unions!

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When the school union workers take a pay cut, maybe then and only then will they allow the schools to reopen. We don’t really need school unions. Teachers don’t need to be in a union. Let’s abolish school unions altogether and see how they like it.

These excuses they are using to keep the schools closed are an absolute joke: ventilation systems, mask mandates, vaccinations, and hybrid sessions. The real reason they want schools closed is they are trying to control us. If the children aren’t learning anything, we’ll have a generation of dummies which are real easy to control because they will be dependent on the government for their existence. This is getting sicker by the day.

They want small businesses to go under and corporations to thrive. They want restaurants to go under and fast food joints to thrive. They want to cancel conservative news and social media and keep liberal news alive. Why is that? They do not want any opposition to their control of us. This is communist America.

They want to encourage anarchists in the streets and arrest and teargas conservative assembly. They want a military style wall around their headquarters and removal of the wall at our borders. They want to have protection but they don’t want the people to have any. They want to defund our police and ICE and take away our guns but use the National Guard to protect themselves. This is sick.

They are screening our Facebook and Twitter comments and will send the police to your home if they don’t like what they read. Big Tech will cancel your account if they don’t like what they see. Newspapers won’t print conservative comments online after an article. They want total control of what America hears, sees, and reads. This is Communist America.

They are trying to divide the country up by race again. They speak of white supremacy and white nationalist like this is a big problem. The only problem we have is with BLM and Antifa roaming the streets at night and threatening businesses and homes. They are spreading lies about white privilege among blacks to make them hate us. They want to reward illegals entering our country and punish our citizens. They want to jail conservatives and bail liberals out of jail. These are sick people doing this.

They want us to wear masks for the rest of our lives like in China. This is a form of control. They think if they can control us to be robots walking around wearing masks like idiots then they can just about make us do anything. Sounds similar to what the Nazis did to the Jews. Conservatives are the New Jews. North and South Dakota have not had lockdowns, mask mandates, and school closures and this has allowed for herd immunity to take place and their covid cases have diminished.

Now Bill Gates is trying to get rid of cows. They want to tell us what to eat now. Cancel Bill Gates’ Microsoft stock, defund the school unions, call your county auditor’s office and ask them to take school bonds off your bill, and recall your communist-acting governors. We want our children back in school. They are the future of America. Defund these school unions!

May Rush Limbaugh rest in peace. He will be sorely missed. He was my friend each morning. He was great at reporting the truth and always 99.6% correct. We’ll never forget him.

“Was the Goal of the Shutdown to Flatten the Curve or the U.S. Economy?”

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asked Rush. “And ultimately get rid of President Trump?”  Fauci is claiming opening up the economy too soon will cause a resurgence in the Fall which will result in suffering and death. He hinted at schools remaining closed in the Fall unless there is a vaccine. What a fear-mongerer. How will that work for working parents that are allowed to go back to work?  Not so good.  Who’s going to watch their children at home?  Will Day Cares reopen? Most can’t afford them. Fauci makes no sense.

“What if we open up too late?” Rush Limbaugh asks.  What is their goal to ruin the economy even more and, therefore, ruin Trump?  The lifetime bureaucrat Fauci says he doesn’t recommend on the economy–just health. Of course he doesn’t care about the economy as he is still getting paid.  He could care less about small business and what they must be going through.  He lacks empathy.

If Fauci undermines Trump during this Senate Hearing today, which is just Democrats and RINOs (Romney) grandstanding on their soapboxes, Trump should take him off the committee.  He can’t have this guy undermining his vision as a way out of this shutdown and a chance to restore the economy.  The quarantine should have been just for “the vulnerable and the infected” not the rest of America.  But since we listened to the experts and did it anyway, we have to have a sensible way out. Fauci has no sense.

Some governors like Newsom and Cuomo and Whitmer are not using “common sense” for the reopening of their states.  Newsom won’t open up California rivers for fishing so as a result my husband had to drive 40 miles to a river in Nevada to fish. There’s no covid in fishing.  Waste of gas and time. He also won’t allow tennis to open but opened up golf.  Makes no sense.  There’s no covid in tennis unless you’re sharing your balls with strangers.  I think tennis players have the brains to know better. And what person inflicted with covid would have the strength to play tennis?  Newsom has no sense.

Whitmer is closing down a barber shop that reopened and arresting the owner. Whitmer has no sense.  Cuomo has been clueless from the get go regarding the epidemic from allowing foreigners into his state to allowing infected patients to go back to their nursing homes to having a family birthday party during the shutdown to releasing dangerous prisoners into the  general population. Not only no sense but clueless.

All the governors need to open up their states and let their citizens and company owners use their brains for a change.  If you go into a store, put on your face mask.  If you go golfing, 86 the face mask.  Don’t hold any large parties with folks you do not know have been following the guidelines only family members you can trust (and that limits the numbers by a lot). Continue to keep your distance of six feet from other shoppers.  It can be done.  Open up offices and factories in your cities allowing only healthy workers to return. Cut work days in office to 3 days in and 2 days working from home.  Allow the owners to implement their own guidelines.  They’re not stupid.  They run companies for godsakes! Better than most of these governors do. Let us live before there’s nothing left to live for.


Pelosi Showed Signs of Mental Illness Last Night.


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I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think she’s playing with a full deck.  From the onset of Trump’s SOTU Address her demeanor and facial distortions were off. Her mouth was crooked and she was mumbling to herself.  She was obviously uncomfortable but a normal person would have sat still and looked forward like Pence did.  But she looked to the right at her “women in white” in between frantically searching through the pages of the speech like it was a cocktail menu that didn’t have her favorite drink.  Very childish behavior. She smiled when her minions rose to protest. She was sweating and at one time raised her hand to instruct someone to God knows what. She was definitely living in her own little world, dissociated from Trump’s speech altogether.  Poor Mike Pence looked like an embarrassed father sitting with his unruly toddler in a restaurant.  He tried to ignore her as best he could, but I could almost imagine him blowing up and scolding her in public.

BUT when she rose to premeditatedly and slowly rip up Trump’s speech in segments in full view of the camera with the face of a sociopath, she confirmed to me that she is mentally ill.  She was biting her lower lip in between looking like she wanted to spit on his back. No one in their right mind would have done this stunt on camera for the world to see.  It was primal behavior.  She has the restraint of a child; yet they say Trump has no restraint. She disgraced herself and the House and this will stay with her for the rest of her life. She has now dishonored all decorum of the House of Representatives as well as grounds for Impeachment. I hope the Supreme Court Justices caught her in this act.  That is not the way normal people in power behave. Maybe in a third world country or in a kindergarten classroom but not our House of Representatives. She didn’t even announce the president according to traditional protocol.  She’s vindictive; right from Central Casting of a Lifetime Movie. What else is she capable of doing? She needs to go before we find out.

This is the woman in charge of Trump’s impeachment sham?  This alone should make the whole impeachment fiasco “null and void” as she proved last night that it was a baseless political impeachment stunt and nothing more. It was the Seinfeld Impeachment–impeachment about nothing.  Ted Cruz should be able to come up with some way to reverse the House’s vote to impeach to clear Trump’s record, based on the Speaker of the House’s strange behavior.

The speech Trump gave was spot on.  I was tearful throughout the introduction of many of his guests especially Rush Limbaugh.  I’m sure Rush must have put Pelosi over the top as I watched her eyes roll, but his award was well deserved.  Pelosi had the waste-of-humanity Impeachment Managers slouched in the front row just to intimidate Trump.  He showed restraint by ignoring the creeps and never brought up the sham.  Good for him.  Not worth talking about pencilneck.

The Democrats in the audience thought Trump’s speech was dark and depressing and never mentioned climate change.  That’s an overused term that some folks are getting tired of hearing.  I guess touting success is dark and depressing to the Dems.  Trump was as serious as a heart attack which is not his typical behavior at rallies, but look at what he was dealing with: the “women in white” who should be hauled off by the men in white coats; the slouching, stoic Impeachment Managers; and a deranged woman sitting directly behind him making distorted faces throughout the whole proceeding.  It gives new meaning to a tough crowd.  The “women in white” sat on their hands throughout most of his speech.  AOC didn’t even attend which proves she’s immature and can’t handle his success–all a bunch of disgruntled employees at best or deranged individuals at worst.  I hope America saw their true colors last night which was on full display, especially Pelosi’s mental illness. Vote all the bums out.


To the media, Hollywood, and Dems who are disgustingly maligning Rush Limbaugh as a racist that doesn’t deserve the medal he received:  Be careful what you say about him as you may be in for a similar health challenge someday. Never mock anyone fighting cancer.  Obviously those who are mocking him have never taken the time to listen to his show. If they had, they would never say such lies about him. Just because he was not in favor of Obama’s radical policies, does not make him a racist.