“Was the Goal of the Shutdown to Flatten the Curve or the U.S. Economy?”

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asked Rush. “And ultimately get rid of President Trump?”  Fauci is claiming opening up the economy too soon will cause a resurgence in the Fall which will result in suffering and death. He hinted at schools remaining closed in the Fall unless there is a vaccine. What a fear-mongerer. How will that work for working parents that are allowed to go back to work?  Not so good.  Who’s going to watch their children at home?  Will Day Cares reopen? Most can’t afford them. Fauci makes no sense.

“What if we open up too late?” Rush Limbaugh asks.  What is their goal to ruin the economy even more and, therefore, ruin Trump?  The lifetime bureaucrat Fauci says he doesn’t recommend on the economy–just health. Of course he doesn’t care about the economy as he is still getting paid.  He could care less about small business and what they must be going through.  He lacks empathy.

If Fauci undermines Trump during this Senate Hearing today, which is just Democrats and RINOs (Romney) grandstanding on their soapboxes, Trump should take him off the committee.  He can’t have this guy undermining his vision as a way out of this shutdown and a chance to restore the economy.  The quarantine should have been just for “the vulnerable and the infected” not the rest of America.  But since we listened to the experts and did it anyway, we have to have a sensible way out. Fauci has no sense.

Some governors like Newsom and Cuomo and Whitmer are not using “common sense” for the reopening of their states.  Newsom won’t open up California rivers for fishing so as a result my husband had to drive 40 miles to a river in Nevada to fish. There’s no covid in fishing.  Waste of gas and time. He also won’t allow tennis to open but opened up golf.  Makes no sense.  There’s no covid in tennis unless you’re sharing your balls with strangers.  I think tennis players have the brains to know better. And what person inflicted with covid would have the strength to play tennis?  Newsom has no sense.

Whitmer is closing down a barber shop that reopened and arresting the owner. Whitmer has no sense.  Cuomo has been clueless from the get go regarding the epidemic from allowing foreigners into his state to allowing infected patients to go back to their nursing homes to having a family birthday party during the shutdown to releasing dangerous prisoners into the  general population. Not only no sense but clueless.

All the governors need to open up their states and let their citizens and company owners use their brains for a change.  If you go into a store, put on your face mask.  If you go golfing, 86 the face mask.  Don’t hold any large parties with folks you do not know have been following the guidelines only family members you can trust (and that limits the numbers by a lot). Continue to keep your distance of six feet from other shoppers.  It can be done.  Open up offices and factories in your cities allowing only healthy workers to return. Cut work days in office to 3 days in and 2 days working from home.  Allow the owners to implement their own guidelines.  They’re not stupid.  They run companies for godsakes! Better than most of these governors do. Let us live before there’s nothing left to live for.



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