The Press Was Lied to for Four Years and Willingly Ate It Up.


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Main Stream Media (also known as Fake News) ate up the lies from Schiff, Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Michelle, Biden, Hillary, Rice, Comey, McCabe, Pelosi, Strzok, Page, Schumer, Nadler, Powers, Ford, Avenatti, Swetnick, DeNiro, Sanders, Harris, Klobachur, Warren, and too many others to list and enjoyed every bite.  They relished on every lie they chewed, tasted, and swallowed and never challenged them, licking their chops for the next liar.  Is this what journalism has come to:  Journalists accepting guests on their show that lie and they don’t challenge them?  Chuck Todd certainly questions and interrupts Republican Senators that come on his show but not the Democrat liars. And Rachel Maddow just perpetuates the lies she receives from the Dems.

So are we supposed to live in a society where most of the media like Facebook, Twitter, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS all eat lies and censor the truth?  Sounds like Communism. Has the MSM turned into Communists that spread propaganda rather than news? Now that the Obama Administration has been exposed for their corruption, the Fake News is barely covering it just like they buried it for four years.  All they’re doing is raking poor Attorney General Barr over the coals for doing his job of investigating.

Do the American people even want to know the truth or do they like living in a country where the news is censored?  I’m beginning to think the latter. We’re living with people who like to have their heads in the sand like ostriches.  Why?  To be more popular among their liberal peers?  Because they were taught in school that Republicans were evil and Democrats were good so no matter what the Democrats say it HAS TO BE TRUE? I’m beginning to think so.

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Whenever I briefly turn on the “other channels” all I hear and see is cover ups, smokescreens, and lies. They’ll glaum onto a frivolous story just to fill the airtime and ignore the breaking news of the day. I suggest people stop tuning into their so-called news and watch FOX News.  FOX at least tries to have the views from both sides and NEVER buries the story of the day, good or bad.  And they’ve been proven right for the last four years versus the other channels.

As we all should know by now, the MSM has just become an arm of the Democrat Party and is doing their bidding.  Did they ever try to get the story on why Seth Rich was murdered and by whom?  No.  Did they ever ask Hillary if she paid for the salacious Steele Dossier? No. Do they ever ask Pelosi why she is so filled with hate for Trump? Yes, once, and they got their heads cut off. Did they ever ask Hillary where her 33,000 missing emails are? Not really.  Did they ever ask Obama and Hillary why they lied when saying Benghazi was a protest gone bad resulting from a hateful video? Never. Have Obama and Hillary ever gone on FOX News for questions?  Of course not.  Have they ever asked Schiff why he lied for four years on national television? No. Have they ever asked Mueller to show us the proof that the DNC was hacked by Russia? No. They have none. Have they ever tried to interview Julian Assange for the truth about where he got the emails from? No. They are collectively NOT investigative reporters just propaganda artists.

So this is what we are dealing with.  Republicans will go on their fake news channels and get asked loaded questions, but the Dems never come on FOX News as they can’t handle being questioned.  They don’t want the truth to come out; otherwise, they’d go on willingly if they had nothing to hide. And boy, oh boy, do the Dems have a lot to hide. Notice old Biden hasn’t agreed to go on FOX yet and he snaps and lies to FOX reporter Doocy.   Love to see him take questions from Hannity, Tucker, or Ingraham. Won’t happen.  They banned FOX News moderators from the Democrat Primary yet we allowed all their fake news moderators for the Republican Primary.  Does this seem fair?  Of course not.

The darling of the left, Fauci, will go to the Senate today to be asked loaded questions from the Dems, trying to make him testify against Trump.  This is all they have left.  They’ve got a candidate that can’t put one sentence together without making us laugh, so they will do everything possible to bring down Trump in the meantime.  Today’s testimony is nothing more than another smokescreen to get the news off of Obama’s role in spying on the Trump Campaign and framing President Trump.

Stay strong Fauci. Support your president.  Don’t break with the fake news Democrats.



One thought on “The Press Was Lied to for Four Years and Willingly Ate It Up.

  1. Years ago, I owned a steel fabrication company in Washington State, and we did a job at a sanitation plant in Seattle. We were putting up a new structure, and not too far away from our project was the sludge vat. One of the plant guys took us over to see it. It was filled with thick black, nasty and smelly stuff left over after disposing of the human waste. The main stream media reminds me of that sludge pit.There is no better way to describe them.

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