Limbaugh Says Obama is Above the Law!


(Andrew Gombert/European Pressphoto Agency)

(Andrew Gombert/European Pressphoto Agency)

Rush says today it doesn’t matter if the Russian Collusion Conspiracy started at the top with Obama because he is an ex-president, and we don’t prosecute ex-presidents! But we prosecute current presidents with impeachment.  How ’bout post-term impeachment?  Is that a term?  I think what he was trying to say is that Obama is untouchable because of his race.  Trump will be called racist again if he has his Attorney General go after Obama, yet the Democrats have promised to charge Trump for a myriad of crimes after he leaves office.  Double standard much?!

If Biden chooses Michelle, she’ll be untouchable too because apparently if you’re a Democrat running for a high office you can’t be investigated; but if you’re Republican and up for Supreme Court Justice, they investigate the hell out of you like they did to Trump when he was running. And spied on his campaign.

I’m getting tired of the Republicans kowtowing to the Democrat’s rules of investigation.  What’s good for the goose is supposed to be good for the gander, but it never is.  We need to start standing up for ourselves and do what they’ve done to us.  Investigate the crap out of any VP Biden chooses and Biden too.

“I’m proud of the fact that, with two weeks to go, we’re probably the first administration in modern history that hasn’t had a major scandal in the White House.”  Obama on 60 Minutes.

This statement is laughable. Obviously trying to influence the history books as he’s leaving office.  Nice try Obama. All depends on what party is in office when the books are written, according to A.G. Barr.  Wish it weren’t so, but it seems that way.  Too bad the truth can’t be written in our history books like they used to.  So I googled if a president can be prosecuted for crimes committed while in office after leaving office and all that Google turns up is: “Can Trump be prosecuted after leaving office?”  Nothing about Obama.  And all the articles said “YES” to Trump being prosecuted after leaving.

So what you see here is rules for one party that don’t apply to the other. Obama is untouchable just like Biden and Michelle.  The media and social media is lockstep in line to support this theory; so it will be hard to bring down Obama now that he’s out.  But there should be a post-term impeachment which we can hang on his record. Just don’t know the name for it.  Maybe the Republicans can come up with a new law that can impeach a president for high crimes committed while in office after leaving office.  Put it on the ballot.  I’ll vote for it.

Rush may be right; but it wouldn’t be the same for Trump, which makes him wrong and makes it more of a racial thing.  Again, I say Trump has been the most reverse-discriminated president in modern day history. If he was Black and Democrat none of what they have done to him would ever have happened. Thus the reverse-discrimination. Can Trump sue Congress for discrimination after leaving office?  I’d like to see it.  I’d also like to see everyone under Obama’s direction involved in the Russia Hoax prosecuted just to prove that Obama was in charge of the most scandal-ridden administration in modern history!



One thought on “Limbaugh Says Obama is Above the Law!

  1. Do you remember wacky Nancy saying she wants to put an asterisk on Trumps name that will last forever? She was talking about history showing him as being impeached. We need to put an asterisk on Obama’s name as presiding over the most corrupt administration in modern history, illegally spying on a political opponent and trying to remove his opponent ( Trump ) from office after winning a National election. Obama is the epitome of the double talking,stab you in the back political slime ball.

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